The Best 5 Japanese Denim You Should Know About

While choosing jeans we do not pay a lot of attention to the origin of the denim. We consider the look, style, color to be much more important the denim origins, but it won’t hurt to know different denim from different countries, especially since The United States import different denims from all around the world. Japanese denim on the other hand is quite known for it good quality and remarkable style. You may be wearing a japanese denim right now without even knowing it. Here are the list of 5 japanese denim that you will absolutely love.


1) Flathead:

The name may seem a bit weird, but trust me, flathead jeans are worth owning. The company pay attention to the smallest details, and put so much effort to each one of its product to make sure they are great and ready to be worn. This may be one of the best jeans you will ever wear. They can be worn for many years to come without worrying about wearing out. This truly reflects Japanese quality.


2) Iron Heart:

This is one the best denim that screams with Japanese quality. If you want something comfy, charming and look good while wearing it, then Iron Heart is the one to go to. The jeans is really thick and also heavy, which is perfect for cold weather, but you can still easily move around even with its weight. The name truly reflects the quality of the jeans.


3) Pure Blue Japan:

The Pure Blue Japan is some really good quality jeans that can be worn in almost any occasion. The company pays attention to everything to create something unique, elegant and has a remarkable quality. So if you want some fine jeans, you can always go to Pure Blue Japan, you will absolutely not be disappointed.


4) Samurai:

Nothing is more badass than owning a jeans that names is Samurai. The company also totally won big time when they named the female version Geisha. But the name is not the only good and unique thing about the jeans, the quality is one of the most important features the company cares about. Samurai is well known in Japan and it is for a good reason. So i think it is time Americans try some new denim that is totally worth having. Maybe wearing a Samurai jeans will turn you into a true samurai. Who knows, i’m just saying.


5) Momotaro:

Momotaro means “Peach Boy”, it may not make any sense to you, but this jeans have a deep root in the Japanese folklore due to its brand manifesto. The momotaro jeans will also bring out the warrior in you with its two stripes in the back. The same stripes were used on warriors faces while they were going into battles. This jeans may not have gone to battle, but it is one thick jeans that will fight time with you for many years.


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