5 Items you must have in your Summer Wardrobe

As the days grow longer and hotter, and summer activities come along with summer season, your body will need less clothing, yet more comfort, which requires a wardrobe full of cool and aired clothing as much as accessories that would fit different occasions, from beach days to party nights.




Flip-flops, also called jandals, sandals, thongs, or zoris, are summer’s most casual shoe and the footwear of choice during informal day-to-day activities.They can be worn at all kinds of places: the beach, the locker room, in the street, and even at home. This particular type of footwear is pretty affordable, simple to use and comfortable to wear,  and is a permanent item in most lockers all over the world.


2-Tank Top


Tank tops are a cute and fun way to express who you are through your clothing. All ladies love the casual, carefree look and feel of a high quality sleeveless shirt. Tank tops are available in a variety of types and styles to suit many different occasions but most are cut generously for a loose fit, which allows both summer breeze and sun rays to get easily to your skin, that’s ought to let you get plenty of vitamin D. A variety of tank tops is a must have in your wardrobe. Buy tank tops from different brands so that you aren’t limited when you choose what you’re going to wear, and you can always style your tank’s look but throwing on a scarf or a loose jacket.


3-Wide Brim Hat


Exposing your skin to sunshine during summer is healthy because it helps your body produce more vitamin D. Although,  too much exposure is highly unwanted, for it can lead to sunburns and skin issues; specially on the level of the scalp, face and neck areas, since they have a delicate and easy to damage skin.

Wide-brimmed hats offer exceptional all-around coverage and shield the eyes from sunlight. This makes them ideal for gardening, reading outside, and outdoor dining. They are available in a variety of colors and materials, and many of this style are made of SPF 30+ materials, which protect especially well against the sun’s rays.




Swimsuits come in different shapes and colors; from one-piece suits and bikinis for women to swimming trunks for men, and each design flatters certain body types. So try your best to get a swimsuit that matches your body type and use colors that give your skin tone compliments, for instance if you have a darker skin tone, lighter colors will enhance your complexion.

Swimsuits tend to enlarge a bit when wet, so make sure that your swimsuit is not already too large when you buy it. You definitely don’t want to lose it when you dive into a pool! It can also cling unflatteringly in wrinkled rolls when wet if it’s too large, giving the impression of extra weight.


5- Sunglasses


Eyes protection is important all year long, but much more needed in summer, because of the larger amount of time people stay exposed to sun during summertime.There are various styles and shapes of sunglasses. There is a suitable style for every face shape, so you will need to put your face shape into consideration while purchasing this item.


How to purchase Summer items online

These must-have summer items are usually non-negotiable. All it takes to find them online it to either go for a general research like “ flip-flops” or a more specific one like “ A Large sized Batman tank top”. You can also choose the seller’s location, condition (new or used) and price range.


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