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We all love summer, because we feel free to wear whatever we want, without being stuck on hot clothes, but unfortunately, the summer is gone, and it’s time to go back to our warm clothes and shoes. Yes shoes, so since it is the changing weather, then it is time to think about  getting some new shoes for fall. However, If your aim is to look chic and fashionable with a pair of comfortable shoes, we can help you with that. This guide will aid for sure to choose best shoes for fall to keep looking elegant even in the coldest seasons.


Get the best shoes for fall:



Once it turns cold, the only thing we have in mind is how to keep ourselves warm. However, when it comes to what to wear on our feet, we all start thinking about boots. Besides, the warmness that they give to our feet, boots are just chic and fashionable and they are just great with whatever winter’s outfit. So, depending on your personal taste you can choose the boots you will like to wear from flats to wedges, ankle booties to fur-lined. Yet the most important thing is to pick boots that will suit the cloths that you already have in your closet.



In order to keep looking stylish even in fall season, look for textured flats such as tweed, wool, or suede to wear with skinny jeans or leggings and a boyfriend cardigans. However, getting some new  textured flats will keep your toes warm and will give you the stylish look that you like.



Oxfords were and still a very chic shoes to wear, as so you can buy some flats oxfords to look classic and feel comfortable wherever place, whether in your going outs or in your office.



These kind of shoes are just perfect for fall, because you can simply wear them with your favorite skinny jean and a knit for a fashionable casual look, whether for going to your college or for work. Otherwise, you can even wear heeled clogs with a dress for an elegant look if you are planning to attend a party. So having clogs will be very beneficial for you in fall.



Mary janes are just perfect for your back-to-school, so if you really want to look different and stylish  while you are coming back from your holiday summer, get a pair of Mary janes shoes to surprise everybody once you are in school. Mary janes have a chic rounded toe and  thicker sole; make yourself look fashionable and cute during the coldest season by wearing those shoes with a black autumn dress and add a warm scarf to keep yourself warm and elegant at the same time.

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