5 Things You Should Have For This Summer

I love summer, I love the sun, I love going to the beach, I love hanging out with my friends near the swimming pool, I love camping and trekking, I love travelling and see new places, I love getting a natural tan, I love enjoying my time and I love everything about this amazing season.


Summer is a lot of fun, and you should be out there enjoying yourself, whether it is the beach, mountains, rivers, whatever the thing you enjoy the most, summer is the perfect time for you to just go there and live that moment to the fullest.


To enjoy your summer completely, then you may need some fun gadget that will be very useful to you and your family. Here are a short list of things that are so great that will make your summer even better. Enjoy these 5 must-have.


1) Solar Shower:

For a girl who loves camping and trekking, I spend a lot of my time in the wild getting pretty much dirty. Sometimes it is fun to just plunge into a cold nice river and simply get clean, sometimes you just want a hot shower to rest your muscles. Well hot water in the wild is not something easy to reach, but thankfully with a Solar Shower this might be possible after all. A solar shower will help you get a hot shower easily. It has a decent capacity to have a good fast shower and it is very easy to pack, especially since it’s in a compact size.




2) Water Purifiers:

This might be one of the most important things you should have if you are camping or trekking. Having a water purifier will save you a lot of space since you won’t be carrying a lot of water with you, it will save you a lot of time since you would be moving light, and of course, it might save your life. There are a lot of ways to get clean healthy water, a Water Purification System is one of them, it has its own filter to remove almost all bacteria and dirt. You might also consider a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter that is also very easy to use and carry, you just need to put the straw directly in the water and start drinking from it, and voila clean water, it can’t get any easier than that.



3) Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers:

I lost counts of how many speakers I broke down because of water. Well hopefully now we live in a great time where we have Wireless Bluetooth Speakers that are actually waterproof. But you only need those if you are clumsy as me if not then any wireless Bluetooth speakers would be a great thing to have while traveling. This way you would enjoy listening to your favorite music while enjoying your favorite activity, life is so beautiful right now.



4) Stormproof Matches:

Here’s the thing with camping if you are not very familiar with the concept, camping means staying, sleeping and living in the wild, and here’s the thing with the wild, it is very very dark and very very cold at night. Having a pack of Stormproof Matches is a very good idea (trust me). Whether you want to enjoy a campfire, cook something, or simply get some light around you, then stormproof matches might be a lifesaver for you. Nothing’s wrong with being ready for emergencies, all kinds of emergencies.



5) GoPro Camera:

What is the best way to remember the best moments of your life? Well, with a camera of course. Whether it is videos or photos, a GoPro Camera will capture those moments with a complete perfection. Enjoying your time while doing crazy, adventurous and awesome things must be recorded for everyone to see, so be kind and share your adventure with people around you and give them some motivation to go after their own adventures.



Summer is an amazing time to have fun and just enjoy your free time. Outdoors activities are the best activities, so stop thinking too much, and just go have a blast. Remember, we all need a bit of excitement in our life, after all, that’s what makes us humans.


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