Top 6 outdoor games for kids in the summer

Summer is almost upon us, and school is probably ending any day now, parents are scrambling to figure out a summertime schedule for the kiddies. Here’s a roundup of fun toys and activities perfect for playing with outdoors, all sure to keep them busy and out of your hair when the hot weather strikes. Give your kids some motivation to get up and moving this summer with water toys, tiny vehicles and exploratory tools for all ages!


Tunnel shaped tents

This tunnel-shaped tent will keep your children climbing and crawling for hours. It’s a great alternative to bigger and more expensive play structures. Recommended for ages 3-5.


Pogo jumper

The key to a good indoor toy is it’s ability to wear a child out without requiring a lot of space to do so. This soft pogo jumper is an Amazon #1 Best Seller because it does just that. It will keep the kids happy and get them good and tired; also you won’t have to worry too much about them knocking over your stuff or each other.


Swing set

Owning a swing set could definitely be fun but also has some other benefits. We all know the benefits of exercise, especially for children, and having a place to play that’s convenient to reach will get kids moving quickly.  The increased activity, happening more often, will keep your kids healthy. Remember going to the park as a kid? Playing around on the swings, meeting new people, and running? It was the place to meet new friends, to pretend and make jokes. Some of our most important first memories are formed while playing, and there isn’t a much better place to play than a swing set. So don’t deprive your kids from the possibilities of a good swing set.


Pool toys

Private pools are fun to own and use. An incredible number of children devote their days or nights in a pool, every summer. There are lots of pool owners who make additional pool accessories to be purchased by the decision, to include excitement to a pool. Often times these accessories are pool toys.


Badminton and volleyball

Kids will love trying their hand at tennis, badminton, and volleyball with this set for the backyard or the beach. The kid-friendly, oversized tennis rackets make it easier for players to hit their target.

Kids’ big outdoor tool set

This set of real wood and metal tools is made for little hands. It’s sure to help get your child into gardening and outdoor chores.


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