8 Cool Game and Toys For Your Little Kids

Toddlers are usually showered with various toys and little games; and they deserve to, I mean…they’re so cute! Problem is, they have many toys, not interesting enough to them, that sulk somewhere in the bottom of a box or a closet. Sad. So if you’re looking for something new that will actually keep your little kid busy, check out this list of toys and games specifically designed for toddlers, boys and girls alike:


1- Bristle Blocks


Bristle blocks are well liked by small children as they are extremely easy to handle and build with. The form and colors of the bristles attracts the kids attention and they are made of a soft material, so you won’t have to worry about your kids hurting themselves by running around like they do and hit the bristles.


2- Stacker Pegs


Just as the name suggests, stacker pegs consist of assembling pegs into one another onto a foam board. The game is great for the toddler’s motor skills and he/she won’t have any problem getting a good grip on the pegs. The game overall is easy enough to avoid any frustration, and challenging enough to keep the kid occupied.


3- Latches Board


Toddlers generally enjoy solving little easy puzzles such as undoing latches and locks. Latches boards let them do just that with metal latches similar to those of a door. There are colors and illustrations fitting for toddlers and once the kid succeeds to undo the latch, they’ll be rewarded by uncovering an animal that was hiding behind.


4- Easel


Toddler easels are pretty magical to the eyes of little children! The board has typically a dry erase magnetic technology. Kids can then let their creativity fully expressed by letting them draw, scribble, and erase at will. Toddlers at their age are also generally at the letter recognition stage in their learning to read; so alphabet magnets can help them greatly in the learning process.


5- Play Kitchen

You must have noticed toddlers just love mimicking their parents. Let them then have a go at it with play kitchens, it will give them free license for their imagination and maybe just install a liking for cooking in their mind, boys and girls alike! Play kitchens usually come with a full set simulating any regular kitchen: oven, pots, closet…


6- AquaDoodle


The AquaDoodle is a nice alternative to the easel. It allows for the toddler to draw in the unrolled mat by lying on the floor. The AquaDoodle has the benefit of limiting the mess as as soon as the paper dries out, the drawing disappears for them to begin a new one.


7- Racetrack


Toddlers will have a blast with a racetrack such as the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset, especially if they’re into cars, they usually do like them. This particular one is two and a half feet high and three feet long and also has speakers that can play more than 70 songs, phrases, and other car sounds. Most importantly, it provides fun and speedy tracks for cars as well as diverse obstacles to go through, perfect for the kid to learn cause and effect.


8- Basketball Hoop

Kids must have something sport-related in their toy arsenal in order to let out all that incredible energy they have. A basketball hoop is very often a great source of fun and excitement, especially when they succeed getting the ball through the hoop. They can play it inside, making it suitable for exercise in cold days.


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