Top 10 Things To Bring When Going To The Beach With Your Kids

During the summer, going to the beach constitutes a great way to have some family fun with your kids. They can swim, play with the sand, you can accompany them for walks through the beach, or you can just relax and enjoy the sun. To make that beach trip as enjoyable as possible, there are of course some items you need to bring with you. Whether for safety, to prevent sunburns, or tools to play, here are the Top 10 items to have when in a family beach trip.


1- Safety Swimming Accessories


Be sure to provide your kids with a flotation device or a swimming aid, like a puddlejumper or noodles. In any case, make sure to keep an eye on them at all times, even if they seem to be capable swimmers.


2- Sunscreen


The sunscreen is a must. Kids generally keep running around, exposed to the sun all day, and if not addressed, they are guaranteed to get a sunburn. To prevent that, use a sunscreen for children that is also waterproof. Why not natural sunscreens that are environmental-friendly?


3- Sun Hats + Rash Guards


On top of the sunscreen, it is also recommended to have your kids wear rash guards and sun hats for optimal protection against the sun. It will dispense you from having to reapply sunscreen all the time.


4- Umbrella/Sun Shelter


Kids need a spot where to rest and restore some of that youthful energy away from the sun. For that, you can install a beach umbrella or a sun shelter where your kids can escape the sun, eat and rest, and maybe take a nap too!


5- Sunglasses


Another sun protecting items are the sunglasses. It will help reduce the strain of the kids’ eyes and make them more comfortable and have a better visibility. With polarized sunglasses, they can even wear them in the water to enhance visibility.


6- Beach Shoes


Beach shoes such as flip flops, crocs, or water shoes are pretty useful as a protection against burning sand, rocks with a slippery texture, beds of shells/clams…. Kids tend to be clumsy, so better have them wear those beach shoes.


7- Towels


Towels are, of course, essential, whether it is for lying in the sand or to dry off after a good swim. For the latter, prefer microfiber sport towels as they can absorb a great amount of water even though they are small. It’s also preferable to have multiple towels at your disposal.


8- Beach Toys


What’s a beach trip without some good old beach toys? In fact, not only the kids have so much playing with them, by digging and expressing their creativity, but it’s also a great way to socialize with other kids by sharing the tools and playing together. You can also provide your kids with small nets and a critter cage to let them explore the shore, tidepools, or estuaries and collect all sorts of sea creatures, they love doing that!


9- Water and Food


Keep your children hydrated and hunger-free by bringing enough water bottles, a water cooler jug is even better and enough snacks to pass the day. A large cooler is a great solution to keep things fresh, water and food alike, you can store sandwiches in there if you want them to have more regular food.


10- Buckets and Bags


You will probably need some large beach bags to stack things and limit the mess kids will undoubtedly make. You can also use tubtrugs, a kind of plastic buckets, to stash all those wet, sandy stuff in the course of what will surely prove a pretty nice day!

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