Best Children’s Books For All ages Part 1: Toddlers and Preschool

Reading for your children no matter how old they are is real pleasure for you and them. There are thousands of books out there, but picking good ones can be a little bit difficult, however, plenty of the books available do not convey good lessons although they are fun for kids’ imagination. In this article we will offer you an immense collection of books for ages from few months to 13 years old, pick what you see fit for your child.

Part I:

Toddlers And Preschool


You Are My Baby Pets by Lorena Siminovich


This book is one of a series that contains 7 books. In this particular book the readers find themselves with a task that requires them to match the little pets with their big parents based on the looks and colors, this procedure will help ameliorate the decision making and observation skills of your kid, and it will also help him figure out what are the pets that can be kept at home to serve as companions. There are plenty of pets such as kitten, fish, hamsters and puppies.


100 Things That Makes Me Happy By Amy Schwartz

This book contains everything your kid needs to know in his or her preschool period, there are 100 things that can be done and worth doing, starting from singing and rhyming to drawings by kids his/her age, from dinosaurs to birthday wishes, from the zoo to trains. The author wrote the books with high deliberance and a strong combination between art in an illustrated form and in a written form, the 100 things are all drawn in the book to give an accurate image of what is being described. For the record, the book with illustrated drawings we are talking about is pretty big giving that there are 100 things described in it.

100 Things That Makes Me Happy By Amy Schwartz-


Tuck-in Time By Carole Gerber


This book offers a fun and joyful rhymes that are educative, learning the body parts of the toddlers themselves becomes easier as this book is being read over and over. Reading everything for your kid until he/she becomes aware of names such as toes, hands and ears, not only that, make sure they learn where everything is too, you can speak the word and at the same time touch the part that you have mentioned. Regardless on this method, you will see as you read that the rhymes indicate what the toddler should do, for instance “I see two little arms- can you flap them for me!”. You want to exhaust your kid so he or she can sleep very quickly.


Baby Animal Farm By Karen Blair


Every kid has it in him to love cute animals. In this book, a group of toddlers find themselves in a chase after the domestic farm animals such as ducks, cows and chicken petting them and feeding them. The events take place after a picnic lunch meal. With each activity these kids do, it is a training for your kid to improve and sharpens his/her memory through repeating lines and remembering different colors.


Tickle By Leslie Patricelli


Leslie Patricelli is a famous board books writer, she has over 16 books so far. Tickle is one of the best books she has ever written. It tells the story of a baby who keeps telling himself he is not ticklish, he wants to be tickled but at the same time he does not want to be tickled, apparently he has no choice when his family starts tickling him. It starts with the feet, the tummy and the armpits, this is a funny story even for adults. Patricelli’s style is pretty distinguishable since she writes about emotions and simple feelings that children have.

Tickle By Leslie Patricelli


Backseat A-B-See By Maria Van Lieshout


Learning signs is the main aim of this book, it tells information through a collection of pictures,  it helps your preschool kids to learn the alphabets, and road signs such as Detour, Merge, Stop, Yield and so on.  The design is perfect and the signs vary from the ones you see on daily basis and the others you see at highways or urban roads. Every sign makes the child in the backseat react to them with different expressions that are intricately depicted in the book which adds a vivid feelings to the imagination of your kids while you are reading.


Swim Duck Swim By Susan Lurie


Your kids won’t be afraid of swimming after reading this book. It tells the story of a duck that fears water and swimming and prefers taking naps rather than getting wet. By the help of the father and mother of the duck it finally learns to swim and joins his brothers and sister in the water. The book contains beautiful illustrations of the book events, which will also teach your kids how to swim, be energetic rather than lazy and most importantly, they will be able to try everything new without any fears and will eventually grow the urge of being successful and feel the joy of it.


Boom Boom By Sarvinder Naberhaus


Get ready to join a group of preschool kids through the four seasons of the year to discover the joy of each season, and make friends as they go along. The illustrations are perfect and convenient enough since this book is nearly wordless, it contains plenty of pictures and small rhyming texts. Boom Boom By Sarvinder Naberhaus is enjoyable by teachers as well as kids, it describes the seasons perfectly from the sunny morning to the grim thunderstorm nights. It is preferable that you read this book aloud.


Sweetest Kulu By Celina Kalluk

Sweetest Kulu is a beautiful introduction to Inuit culture. The text forms a gentle and relaxing lullaby and it highlights the necessity of friendship in life through the magical bond that hold the baby and the animals together, the illustrations of the creatures embracing the newborn as they bestow upon his special gifts are rich with vivid colors. Alexandria Neonakis has really done a good job with illustrating the book.


Crabby Crab By Chris Raschka


Crabby Crab is a crab that hates being a crab, Crabby Crab hates his claws and legs, he keeps complaining rather that doing anything else, don’t worry this book is a little bit negative but it will without a doubt assure you good laughs with the childlike humor that your preschool kids will find unable to resist. The illustrations adds up together to create a fun experience as you read the book. It will teach your kid to love anyone for who they are, as the writer did at the end of the book when he convinces you that you will love Crabby Crab no matter how Crabby he is.



Say Hello Like This! By Mary Murphy


The book is a list of descriptions of animal voices such as Dogs, cats, and even a donkey as they say Hello in their own way brought to life vividly with the help of beautiful illustrations. Mary Murphy, as it is the matter with most of her books, excels in making animal voices closer to the mind of little ones in an enjoyable and easy way. Say Hello Like This! will guarantee you good laughs for you and the audience.


Lola Plants a Garden By Anna McQuinn


Inspired by her favourite book, Lola wants to plant a garden similar to the one in her book, she becomes enchanted by the darling poem “Mary Mary Quite Contrary” which inspired her to plant her own flowers. So she sets with her mother in a journey to buy seeds and plants in the garden store, then comes back home to plant them and care for them as they grow. The illustrations by Rosalind Beardshaw are perfect and completely suitable and synchronized with the events of the story.


My Bibi Always Remembers By Toni Buzzeo


Toni Buzzeo is one of the best writers of children’s books. In this book he tells the story of a young elephant called little Tembo who swerves away  in an adventure to discover the Savannah while traveling with his herd that was unable to find water. Tembo however always manages to get back when his grandmother Bibi calls for him. The aim of the book is to highlight the love of the grandmothers through beautiful texts and gorgeous illustrations by Mike Wohnoutka.

My Bibi Always Remembers By Toni

Most of these books are enjoyable when read aloud but reading them otherwise won’t make them less fun.

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