6 Amazing Books From Useborne To Your Little One

I’ve always thought that books are the gate of all knowledge, fantasy and happiness. Teaching your kids to read from a young age is one of the things that will make them love books. It’s true that kids cannot read when they are little, but fortunately they have you for that. You can choose many books depending on the age of your child and go to a new adventure every single night. If you have really small kids, then you can choose pictures book, then go on to first word books, until your kid is old enough to read chapter books that have many long pages. You should also consider coloring books, these will surely help your kid to develop in so many levels, and of course have fun in the process. Like I said before, you can read for your kid until he is old enough to read on his/her own. Here’s a list of books that you can read for you kid. Ps: This list can be for kids age between 2 years old to 6 years old.


1) Look Inside Sports:

If your little one loves to lift the flaps, then I am certain he/she will love this one. ” Look Inside Sports” has almost 100 flaps (or even more), so your kid will have a blast lifting them all up. What is amazing about this book is that your kid will learn about all kinds of sports in a very delightful entertaining way. This is exactly the kind of books you should introduce to your kid, it has knowledge cooked with fun.


2) You Choose:

This book is really something, you might end up liking it yourself. Just imagine a book that will take your kid’s imagination to its edge and beyond. ” You Choose” will help your kid fantasize all kinds of things, after all the sky is the limit, right? In this book, your kid will have the chance to choose whatever clothes he.she want to wear, what house he/she wants to live in, what kind of pet he/she want to have. This must be a great opportunity for your kid to try to get things mixed up together. It is a whole range of possibilities and your kid is the one calling all the shots.


3) Wipe-Clean 123 Book:

If you are looking for a book for a preschooler, then ” Wipe-Clean 123 Book” is a good choice for you. It is a great book that will surely help your child learn about numbers. The cool thing about this book is that it has wipe-clean pages, which will allow your kid to write on them over and over and over again, of course using the special pen. There are many shapes and numbers that needs to be finish, and your child will be able to draw over the dotted lines to finish them, which will help him/her to start writing on his/her own in no time.


4) How Big Is A Million?:

Do you know how big is a million? Well if you don’t, then here is your chance to know and teach your child as well. The book will help your kid to learn about numbers, but not any numbers, big numbers, uhm let’s say a million. Pipkin the penguin in the book will be asking all kinds of questions, but the main question he really wants to know, is how big is a million. You might not know it, but maybe your kid would also know how big a million really is. At the end of the book you will find an amazing poster that has exactly a million star, which will absolutely blow your kid’s mind. I am certain that this book will be as enjoyable to you as it will to your little one.


5) Muddle and Match: Adventure:

The concept of this book is really funny. Each page has actually three pages, and in each one of  them there is a possibility to create a new cool thing with other pages from the book. This is a cool book for kids between 2 years old and 4 years old and who knows, maybe even your 6 years old kiddo will enjoy creating a new character each time.


6) Night Animals:

I am an adult and I love animals, so I am a little bit ashamed to say that I love a kids’ book, but I really do. This book will help your little one to learn about all types of night animals. What they eat, where they live, where they hide and some really unique facts that I myself didn’t know. This book is really fantastic. It has some beautiful pictures and some really short and sweet information that both you and your kid will enjoy.


Keep in mind that books will open a lot of opportunities for your kid. Books are fun, exciting, entertaining and really help your kid to grow mature, as well as give him/her a chance to work his/her imagination. So make sure to introduce book- all kinds of books- to your kid from a young age. This way you will help him/her to love books and encourage him/her to always have a book around.

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