New Kids Read: The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones

Have you ever found yourself without a list of what to read this season ? If you have a list, you may want to include this year’s favorite adventure, fantasy and humor The Unlikely Adventures of Mable Jones by Will Mabbitt. It is time to sail the seven seas with Mabel Jones. The story evolves around a kid who will find herself in a dire situation in which she is surrounded by pirates. The story starts with jones picking her nose, and eating it … you should sit to hear the rest. By doing that Jones Mable opened a portal to a world that is being run by pirates. Once she is there, she was kidnapped by the crew of the Feroshus Maggot, an utterly strange crew led by the captain, Idryss Ebenezer Split, an atrocious wolf with a peg leg made from the bones of humans, who will force Mabel Jones to help her reclaim the treasure she is looking for. Our character afterwards, embarked upon a perilous voyage, she walked through the Greasy Pole of Certain Death only to find herself inside the belly of a whale, and an underground decrepit crypt after that. Mable Jones was caught once eating the fruits of the laborers who pick their nose, these labors served the pirates crew of the ship. The story ends up by reaching their goal and making Idryss Ebenezer Split crowned as the king of pirates, Mabel Jones gets back home in time to feed her pet, in order not spoil more of the book, we will let the details so you can read them yourself.


Don’t be controlled by the idea that this book sounds childish, the 7 years in you will love this, rest assured that this book will give you and your kid hours of fun and high pitched laughs. The book combines all style of fun, an adventure, a fantasy and most importantly the humor aspect. if you are sure that the 7 year old in you is no longer able to laugh about this stuff, the adult in you will be amazed by the writing style and the intended puns in every page. While reading for your kids, you will see how fun this book is when read aloud. The main characters has values that will without a doubt be integrated into your kids’ system after finishing the book, she will teach them that there is nothing that is done without consequences, just make sure they don’t pick up that bugger eating habit. Don’t worry though, this books tells the consequences of picking your nose and eating it, so unless you kid wants to go in that adventure he will never eat, he will always flick or wipe.


The Feroshus Maggot illustration by Ross Collins


To talk more about the story, Mable jones as we have said earlier, was selected by vote to eat the fruits of the nose picking labors. This Deed will get you into trouble if you get caught doing it by the pirates crew. Mabel finds herself later on surrounded and sent away to a queer world by the Super-Silent-Stealthy Ioris, Omynus Hussh, a ninja assassin who performs his tasks silently and without a single mistake.


The book contains illustrated drawing that will make imagining quite effective and better. Illustrator Ross Collins brings characters to life through intricate, vivid and perfect drawings. The Unlikely Adventures of Mable Jones By Will Mabbitt is the first book in the Mabel jones series, the author combines the style of Lemony Snicket and Neil Gaiman to create his art. The first book of the Mabel Jones series was released in June 2015 and the second book is set to be released in february 6th, 2016 under the name Mabel Jones And The Forbidden City.

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