Best tips to get the best book for your kid

The sooner you teach your kids to love books the better. Kids’ books will not only help them improve their communication and comprehension skills but also will give them a great story that they’ll love. Remember to look for age-appropriate children’s books before buying one. The tips below will help you choose the best book for you little one.


1) let your kid choose the book:

Children no matter how small they are, they still can make a simple choice like picking an object they like, depending on colors or designs of the cover. If your kid is big enough to read on his/her own, make him/her choose the book depending on the title also. Just trust their choices, and encourage them to build their own personality.


2) Choose large type for small kids:

Your kid is still learning to read, so a long book with regular type will be a terrible mistake. The trick here, is to get them large type book with few lines of big text per page. It will help improve their reading and help them move to an advanced level when the time is right.


3) Reading along with audio books:

This is a fun way of reading. You will find so many books that include a CD with an audio book version. The audio book will help your kid to pronounce new words, and more importantly, this will give your kid a chance to read without your help.


4) Kids’ picture books are perfect for toddlers:

Your baby can’t read yet, that’s not an excuse for not getting him/her a book. Baby’s picture books is the perfect choice, they will give you the chance to bond with your kid by making up stories depending on the pictures, and the best thing is that your kid will also come up with new stories of its own.


5) Board books:

Kids can be very messy and most probably will try to tear up the book. That’s not a problem, because you can always get them a board book, especially if they are still toddlers or infants.


6) Your favorite kid book:

Remember what books you loved when you were a kid? Well some books are classical, and will never get old. So make sure to introduce your favorite books to your little one, it will help bond the two of you and also you’ll both get exited reading it.

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