tips to create your own reading list

Tips To Create Your Own Reading List

Reading is a pleasure that will sweep you off of your feet and take you places you have never been to before without the need to pack and travel. It will enrich your imagination, your vocabulary and your understanding of the world as much as it will help you relax. There is too many books out there, and you might feel overwhelmed and lose focus with all the books you wanna read in mind, this is why you should have a reading list, it will help you stay in track and well organized. The following is tips on how to make the perfect reading list for you.

Tips on Creating a Reading List:


  • Ask yourself: What do I like?

We’ve all read books, either by choice, or because we were assigned to do so in school. And, of course, we liked some more than others. In order to find out what you really like, and your favorite genre, note down all the books you’ve read before and that were appealing to you. Also note the names of the writers of the books you liked and look for other books they wrote and you haven’t read yet, you might like them as well, because liking a book has a lot to do with the writer’s style and ways with words.

  • Pick your genre

If you are still not sure about your genre in books, pick books with the same genre as your favorite type of movies. Even better, pick a book that your favorite movie is based on if available.


  • Go for classics

Classics are usually the most sold books of a specific genre, and they usually are offered on a discount. Classics are never outdated and your are there is a high chance you would love them.


  • Short story collections and anthologies

If you want to expand your horizons and try new authors, I advise you to pick their short stories and anthologies, as samples. Forcing yourself to read a whole book just to discover an author’s style will get you nowhere, you will soon get bored if the style doesn’t match your taste and throw the book aside.


  • Read books that have been made into movies

Most of your favorite movies are possibly based on books, but because of some factors as such as time and content, some details in the book are avoided in the movie. Reading the book your favorite movie is based on will give you more insights into the story and characters.


The new story, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, will be the eighth book in the Harry Potter canon.

  • Stick with an author

As I mentioned before, the writer’s style has a lot to do with you liking or not liking a book. If you like a certain book to the point you are willing to re-read it more than twice, chances are you certainly will love other books written by the same author as well. So do not hesitate to pick your favorite writer’s collection while shopping for new books.


If you are a college student, do not hesitate to ask your teachers about books they would recommend for you to read. They have read so much and they will know the right thing to propose. You can also ask books lovers from your entourage, they will be glad to help and share their knowledge and passion with you.  Even authors themselves usually recommend books of other authors that they have read and enjoyed. authors and celebrities themselves. Reading reviews online will help you know the most recommended books, as well as asking libraries staff.


  • Don’t limit your reading

Sticking to books and writers you like is nice, but one day, you will eventually run out of things to read after you go through all their books. After repeating your favorite books for few times, you will need to read something new for a change. While looking for new books, you do not have to stick with the same genre as the ones you already have. Get out of your comfort zone and try random new books, maybe you will be surprised, in a good way.

  • Make a list of what you like and what you don’t

In order to don’t forget the books you’ve been recommended to read, put them on a list and keep it in your sight. Also, keep lists of books you liked and books you didn’t in order to remember what you can recommend and what you wouldn’t. Human brain tend to forget and get overwhelmed.

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