Five Daily habits You need to Teach your kids

Seeing the kids genuinely happy is what all parents could only wish for to be, Parents would keenly love to see the genuine smile that stretches across their kids’ face not because of a gift they’ve received or of a game they’ve been granted. We want to bring up kids who can always be exuberant and with cheerful mood without causing them to get into such state. Below are five frequent habits of intrinsically happy kids.


Happy kids show gratitude


The more toys and gadget a child has, the less grateful he becomes. Bombard a child with toys won’t make him happy; they can just content with what they have and that will make them happier. Gratitude can be taught by associating with the child to do some activities, take them fishing for example, teach them to ride a bike or maybe you can bake cookies together, this is how can instill gratitude in your child even though it may be subtle at first and the kid may be encountering a bad time but you will see as time goes by that he will attain a high level of gratitude.


Happy kids show curiosity


Children have a world of their own where they can explore, discover and take adventures, happy kids are not couch potatoes, they are actually a very inquisitive beings from whom you expect to be peppered with questions, be open to any questions they may raise and respond in a in a more detailed way.


Happy kids put in a lot of effort when they play


Parents can’t seem to understand the hard work a child makes in playing; they get upset when they see toys strewn all over with cushions forming a big pile up, they should actually stifle their anger and show as much composure as possible, playing is the cornerstone of child’s mind to be alert and active and it will help them hold a positive attitude towards life.


Happy kids have little or no expectation


Quite unlike adults, Kids have little concerns over fancy things; they can make from what is seen futile for adults a great pleasure for them. Adults think that children’s happiness is derived from having bigger toys and spending better vocations, but in reality, children are just happy with they’ve been given be it fancy, luxurious or small.


Happy kids get pleased with simple things


Parents should immerse themselves in the child’s world, they will see and see how amazingly cheerful the children turn when you they see you spending time showing them simple things, it is highly likely that happy kids who can recognize the beauty in the world them will be able to act such when they attain puberty, we, parents should better help our child see the beauty and find joy through simple things that adults take for granted.


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