best gifts to gift boys

Best Gifts to Gift Boys

Before we start this topic, we would like to state that giving gifts varies from an individual to the other. Before you buy anything, make a list of what the boy in your life likes and enjoys doing, after that only you can consider what he will like the most, let’s say for example that your boyfriend likes watching series and movies, the best gift that can be suitable in this case is a set of DVDs or clothes that are related to his favourite shows, if he likes to play video games, perhaps a console or a sequel of a video game he enjoys playing with his friend. There are a lot of examples that we will try to discuss and cover them one by one.


If you are not sure what to get for your loved one, be it your brother, husband or friend, here are 6 ideas to start with:


Gaming Consoles

It is a common thing to gift boys something that is related to gaming, it will never get old or boring. There are various types of consoles and thousands, if not millions of video games, the only thing you should know, and as we have stated above, is to know what the person you are gifting something to enjoys playing, do a quick research to know that if he happened to own a console, if not, we have a pretty big collection of consoles to show you, but we advise the ones as follows:

gifting videogames

Xbox 360 is considered one of the best consoles that shaped our childhood, buy this one if the male in your life enjoys classic things.

Xbox One is the latest console in the Xbox series by Microsoft, it’s the most bought, and every year dozens of games make it to the stores, buy this if the male in your life enjoys new stuff and likes to keep himself playing the new releases of video games.

Playstation 2 as it is the matter with the Xbox 360 is the second version in the Playstation series by Sony, it lasted for quite sometime after the original and the first version of Playstation, Buy one of these ones if your loved one is into Playstation and classic games.

The Playstation 3 came after a period after the PS2, it dominated the market since it did not meet any strong competition from the market, it featured amazing games like God of War.

The playstation 4 now is the last release in this series from Sony, it is the most used and the strongest from the performance perspective, it features plenty of options such as Next Gen video games and smooth online gaming experience.

The Wii U is for the people who like to have fun in parties and with the family. Games on Wii U can be played by up to 8 people at the same time, either by controllers or by remotes, the gaming experience is unforgettable, buy this one if your loved one likes to have unstationary fun with other people.


    Video Games

The consoles we have mentioned above can not operate without video games, there is a huge collection of games in the market, all of them are fun, but some of them are pretty unique. There are franchises that have a big reputation amongst gamers, it is preferable that you choose a game from these ones if you don’t know what your friend, kids, husband or boyfriend will enjoy the most. Of these famous series we mention games as follows:


The Assassin’s Creed Series is available on all the platforms we have mentioned earlier, it belongs to the adventure and history genres, there are over 9 releases in the franchise, the latest one is called Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. You will embark upon a glorious quest to retrieve what was lost long ago, stand in the face of gangs in London that made the city run red with blood.

The God of War Series is Sony’s most amazing releases, I think that everyone is familiar with the game. Play Kratos and go around slaying the god that made his life miserable, there are 7 games in the series, but only 4 of them follow the main story.

Gears of War is an exclusive series on the Xbox, it is a very successful trilogy that shaped the great gaming experience Xbox fans have ever witnessed, if you decide to buy an Xbox for your male friend, make sure you pick these games with them or only one of them if your budget is tight.

Super Mario Smash Bros is extremely fun and it can be considered the first game to feature different characters from our childhood, starting from Super Mario and his friends to Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda. You can play this game on the Wii U with 7 other people, it is utterly fun and completely worth it.


    A Wristwatch

Far from gaming and technology, we give you one of the most classic and manly accessories there are in the market. Watches are what a big proportion of men value over everything else. Gifting a wristwatch is one of the best thing you could give a man, your husband will appreciate the gift more if it’s from a famous brand such as Rolex or Omega, although it is expensive they make for a great gift, you can buy the Hamilton Pilot Auto, Rolex GMT Master 2 or an Omega Speedmaster Pro, the price is ranged between 1500$ and 4500$.



this is a personal thing, I for example enjoy watching the series Friends over and over, the best gift to give me is the full set of the 10 seasons of the show, in other words, you should know what the person you are trying to gift likes to watch, there are plenty of options in the market, don’t rush into buying anything else until you have read about it, the best examples we can give are Breaking Bad, Prison Break, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones and Mad Men, these are your best option if you don’t know what the male in your life wants the most.

Gifting DVDs


Who doesn’t like being gifted clothes, women love being gifted such things, but for men it is a different thing, but this does not need to persuade you to not buy clothes for the ones you love, you can buy clothes based on your taste and how you want them to look, the only things that matters here is knowing the style of your male partner, some people like classic, others likes sports wear and so on, pick the best shoes, T-shirts, Pants, Shirts and even Glasses.



People have different types of books they want to read, but sometimes you find that a book is really loved by all genders and ages, Books are simply gifts that last forever. Amongst the best choices for gifts are The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin, it is the book series from which the famous show Game of Thrones was based, this gift is priceless for bookworms who prefer reading instead of watching. How to Win Friend and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a nonfiction book that teaches effective ways to improve your self and also improve your communication with people. For children Dr. Seuss books are the best choice, everyone loves Dr.Seuss, sometimes even adults.

gifting books

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