Best DVDs to Buy During Winter

People nowadays ceased buying DVDs since everything is available online through programs and websites such as Netflix and Torrent, but they will also forget or never experience the joy of owning a set of DVDs be it a TV series or movies. Organizing your collection gives you a sweet feeling as you go about admiring it. For me personally, i would love to see a shelf full of original DVDs than have them all on my computer or my Netflix account, but this is of course is just a one man’s opinion. In the article we will provide you with 6 of the best DVDs you can buy during winter for movies and also TV series.


Games of Thrones

This popular TV show is considered the most watched and also the most pirated, over the years since the series have first released season 1, statistic say that there has been over 32 million illegal downloads, if this is to be true, what is the meaning of being a fan of the show if you refuse to contribute in making the show last long by financial support. So far there are 5 seasons and season 6 is to be premiered in april 2016. The story is based of the famous books A Song of ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, the series is set to contain 8 books but only 5 have been published, the last one is A dance of Dragons that was released in 2011, rumors has it that half of the events that will happen in season 6 will be based from the particular book, and also the other half will be from the upcoming book Winds of Winter that is set to be released in late 2016. The story tells of the battle of kings to control the Throne and the Seven Realms of Westeros, this series if full of shocks and emotional blows. Buy these DVDs and keep them in your shelf, because we assure you that you are going to watch the series more than twice, sit back, relax and Winter is Coming.


Cold in July

This movie is also based from a book, Cold in July by Joe R. Lansdale. The settings of the book takes us back to feel the pleasure of watching movies in the 80s, the way it is filmed gives the vibe that a lot of people missed since everything now is modern and does not fulfil everyone’s satisfaction. Directed by Jim Mickle this movie is brilliant and tense, he keeps the tensity going until the very end of the movie, their style of filming is unique and inventive. The story is of a father who happen to shoot an ex-con after he broke into his house at night, the police of course acknowledged it as self defence, not only this they also honored the father, Richard Dane since he helped them rid of a criminal, Richard however was not happy with what he had done, but later on it seems that he is not the only one who is not happy. The dead man’s father is planning to  pally justice and that is through an eye of an eye, Richard’s little son is in danger. The events of the story will abruptly change when Ben Russell and Richard Dane find themselves working together to unearth the one and only true, they set in a war against the FBI, the Mafia and the police in general. This movies is so intense, it will keep you warm at the coldest night.


Breaking Bad

The show have won many awards when it was on air, these 5 seasons of awesomeness have had it’s time and it successfully used it right. Walter white is a normal chemistry teacher who will later be diagnosed with lung cancer, he had never smoked before, but he is about to do what is worse if you consider smoking bad. United with his student Jesse Pinkman, they set on a journey to cook meth. Walter is the executive brain for this procedure and Jesse serves as a salesman until he can learn how to cook, the intention of Walter white behind this move was to leave enough money for his son and little daughter after he dies, whereas Jesse aimed only to gain money and fame, little did both our characters know that this field of work is very dangerous and as soon as they entered the market, both competition and danger was coming their way and in order not to spoil the fun, we will stop the story here. This is a must watch and a must have DVDs series the covers are beautifully made and the show itself is gorgeously written and acted


Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel have promised to release something with a great quality, it was before this statement that people find themselves watching movies such as raiders of The Great Ark by the same company, when Guardians of the Galaxy came out, it gave the fans a new movie that is totally worth all the wait. This amazing movie was considered by a big number of critics the best superhero movie, it combines humor with action and adventure, the way this movie is filmed makes the viewer emotionally attracted easily to every character. Chris Pratt have added his style of acting to this movie which made it a top notch to watch every time, his charisma and humor are something every Chris fan is familiar with.


    21 Jump Street

Despite the vulgar speech that was not necessary sometimes, 21 Jump Street is a great movie, it is a smart filmed and written movie, an applicable movie of today’s society, and a hilarious piece of film. Critics considered Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have added a chemistry to the movie, they both have their unique style of acting but somehow these two styles have created a new style of comedy movies, although the movie is full of clichés and repetitive events it managed to make a name for itself in Hollywood, the second movie have already been released under the name of 22 Jump Street, make you sure you pick it as well, you will not regret buying these DVDs, they will bring the warmth of laughter to your cold days.

The Walking Dead

This was and still one of the most intense series to watch, since we talked about series that are based on books and series that are original, we now give the chance to series that are based on comics, and there is nothing better than the Walking Dead. the story takes place in a  post apocalyptic world full of zombies, and as it is the matter with every story that takes place in this setting, the zombies are not but a mere threat in comparison with the human beings who are fighting for survival through killing other living humans. The walking dead is full of twisted events and emotional shocks, the new seasons preemies in October of this year but before you pick that up, make you pick the other seasons.

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