Best Children’s Books For All ages Part 2: Between 3 and 5 Years Old

Still in the context of preschool, this list delivers a series of books that will contribute in making the first year of school easy and memorable for quite some time.


    My Bus By Byron Barton


Narrated by the bus driver himself as he picks up a group of animals formed by five cats and five dogs as he go along through four stops and drops them at their desirable destinations by boats trains and planes. The book will educate your kids in maths and calculations by trying to guess other possible ways that Joe, the bus driver managed to finish with a 10 passengers on his bus. The illustrations are pleasant and dazzling and well suited for the bed story time.


    Waz Dot By Michael H. Slack


The story of a little alien going on a galaxy trip who got intrigued by planet earth which resulted in making him visit it, when he lands he gets surprised by the variety of creatures he stumbled upon, these creatures are all familiar to us, we humans, they are only a bunch of farm animals, not only that, he also found a tractor, marvelling isn’t it ? all this are in the point of view of Blip the alien of course. Waz Dot is beautifully written in the there of rhymes. Kids will love Waz Dot, for both the beautiful story and the astonishing colorful illustrations.


    Twas Nochebuena By Roseanne G. Thong


Maybe it is time for your kids to know there are other languages in the world and it is also time to make him learn few words. ‘Twas Nochebuena is a mixture of english language and spanish, Dora The Explorer will be only a mere cartoon when you introduce this book to your kids. The books offers a guide to knowing alphabets in Spanish language and even learn Spanish vocabulary and also carry meaning that highlight the importance accepting other people from other cultures. Roseanne Green Thong wrote this book in a simple manner and made it as much as possible to resemble other famous tales of the sort so it can be easy for the kids to follow through.


    The Troublemaker By Lauren Castillo


feuds between sisters and brothers are a pretty common thing at this age and even older, people who have children who are mean to each others should try to fix it through integrating this book in their lives. This is the story of a troublemaker who lives with his family at the end of the woods made a move and kidnapped his sister’s bunny as a joke, this kid however is not a bad kid, he is just a child with a sense of humor who looks for good laughs, little did he knew that his sister does not tolerate such acts, especially when it comes to her pet. The story will turn on him when the rabbit along with our hero’s favourite stuffed bear disappears, when he woke up the next morning he found out that a racoon that resembles him in the sense of humor has stolen his blanket and toys. The lesson is that the manner with which you treat other people, you will be treated the same. The illustrations displays the raccoon clearly which will make it easier to follow the story as it goes.


    A Possum’s Tail By Gabby Dawnay


The story of little Samuel Drew who is strolling the streets of London dragging his toy dog him wherever he goes. On his way to the zoo to see the possums, he finds them sleeping and hanging from their tails. Disappointed, he walks back to his house only to find that the little family of possums are following him. they embark after that to a picnic in London and finally take them home with him to drink tea. The problem that will later surface is how can the five possums go back to the zoo, in order to that, another adventure unfolds. The book contains beautiful illustrations and intricate details worth inspecting, Dawnay has written this book in the shapes of rhymes that fit with each others perfectly.


    The Orchestra Pit By Johanna Wright


A troublemaking snake leaves its cage only to stumble into the pit of another one, there the story begins as the first snake embark upon an exploration quest in which he discovers plenty of instruments on the Orchestra Pit. This fun expedition did not last long as the zookeeper was assigned to catch the fugitive snake, so it finds itself in a dire situation that obliges her to think deliberately of an escape or risk being brought back to its tedious pit. The illustrations guides to reader from the moment it left its pit to the moment it came back to it.


    Baking Day at Grandma’s By Anika Denise


Baking Day At Grandma’s is a beautiful book that tells the story of a three bear cubs spending the day at their grandmother’s house baking chocolate cakes, dancing and singing, and drinking hot chocolate. After they finish they take their way home through the snowy woods and under the full moon in the sky. The descriptions are vivid and the illustrations by Christopher Denise are intricately detailed and colorfully beautiful, it will make you live the atmosphere in the cabin, smell the woodfire, and feel the breeze outside


    The Great Big Green By Peggy Gifford


Colors give meaning to life and help ameliorate imagination. peggy Gifford have perfectly depicted all types of green in this book. Even you as an adult will be surprised of how much green color types are out there. This book is a riddle in the shape of rhymes, it will help your kid extol earth and see it as a spectacular piece of nature. The Great Big Green should be read aloud. The illustrations by Lisa Desimini are perfect and vividly accurate, it will take you to places where all the greens are hiding and introduce you to them one by one to enrich your and your kid’s knowledge.


    Bats in the Band By Brian Lies


This is the fourth book in the Bat Books series By Brian Lies. The hibernation of the bats finish after winter. The winter was long and the bats’ needs are immense, the bats are known to wake up hungry, but not only that, they also have a thirst for music. They hold a feast in the barn and start singing their music and playing their own instruments, whereas other who don’t have any rummaging about to create their own instruments from whatever they find, unfortunately, no one manages to accomplish such task.


    Telephone by Mac Barnett


The Main character’s mother wishes her son Peter to come home for dinner, and in order to do, she informed the bird to deliver her message, the birds however misunderstood the mother’s words, each one took it from a perspective some thoughts it’s about sports others thought it was about firefighting which sparked a debates between the birds on the wire, but the most important thing is that Peter should understand the message when he finally receives it, will he manage to do that? read Telephone By Mac Barnett to know the answer. The illustrations by Jen Corace are made of watercolors, ink and pencil which gave intricate details and sharp edges that makes them as vivid and funny as possible.


    Big Pigs By Leslie Helakoski


As every kid would think, three little pigs, Sweet Pea, Nibbles, and Clean Bean who try to act and convince others that they are big pigs, they challenge each other to prove who is the biggest amongst them, the competition heats up as they try to eat a big amount of vegetables, enter the garden through small exits and race to sink into the mud. The three little pigs however, put themselves in trouble by doing this, their pig mother wasn’t that happy about it, so when she asked who ate all their food, sneaked into the garden and made the yard full of mud, the pigs find themselves in dire situation. the illustrations add a sense of humor to the story, they are large and colorful. Big Pigs is a read aloud book.


    Tap to Play By Salina Yoon


This book has received major criticism from the fans. Several people have admitted that this book was only a rip off of other version and there was nothing original about it, but we loved it anyways, and so will your kids. This book is about a red creature whose aim is to reach the bar bars with numbers on them, and in order to that that; the reader much offer the help necessary. This task needs movements to accomplish, the result you should get is a new purple friend.


    Stella’s Starliner By Rosemary Wells


The sweet little fox Stella is in love with her silver trailer house in which she lives with her parents near an area filled with mountains, Stella too loves books and go shopping with her mom every now and then. her dad however seldom comes home, on every weekend his visits but always drunk. Stella was not left in peace after a group of weasels came and started teasing her about her house by calling it a tin can. Stella told her mom about the bullying, and the mom asked her to look out from the window and that is when she saw her dad flying the trailer through space. The book demotes bullying by telling your kids that it is not a good thing and teach them not to bully other kids.


    Rupert Can Dance By Jules Feiffer


Anything can happen in a book, and in Rupert Can Dance there is a dancing cat, with the love of watching his Friend Ruby dance, Rupert fell flat. One day at night, when Ruby went to sleep, he slips into her dancing shoes and dance to the sound of the blues. It was a clear night when Ruby woke up to find Rupert dancing in her shoes, he meant no misuse, humiliated he was, but Ruby was not at all mad at him and what she felt was only amuse, she was excited that she finally gets to have a dancing partner, she offered to give him lessons, but Rupert was too embarrassed to accept, he went hiding for 3 days, Ruby came to see get her friend from under the bed where he was hiding but she did not know how to do it, suddenly she thought about asking him for help at school, Rupert couldn’t dare refuse then even if he wore tennis shoes.


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