8 Extremely Hard Logic Puzzles And Brain Teasers That Will Leave You Baffled

Solving a rubik’s cube is too easy? Finished all Professor Layton’s puzzles (the famous Nintendo DS and 3DS puzzle franchise video games) and then asking for more? Here is a list of 8 extremely difficult logic puzzles and brain teasers that will surely satisfy your thirst for worthy mind challenges.


1- Surrender To Sudoku

Created by none other than Will Shortz, The Puzzle Master from The New York Times, Surrender To Sudoku compiles 200 incredibly hard sudoku puzzles for you to overcome. I always thought arranging numbers in a grid so that each column and row contains numbers one to nine without repeating was simple enough. How wrong have I been!


2- The World’s Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle

Disturbed by this jigsaw puzzle presumptuous title? Attempt then to prove it wrong by solving this 500 double-sided pieces (with each side featuring the same image, one rotated 90 degrees over the other). To make things worse, every single piece have all the same shape. The puzzle’s name might not be that cocky after all.


3- Infernally Hard Fireball Crosswords

If the usual crosswords in the papers don’t meet your level of expectations, the Infernally Hard Fireball crosswords will certainly give you a run for your money. It features 45 crosswords that’ll prove just about impossible to solve without any outside help. Good luck trying to decipher the clues too!


4- Gordian’s Knot

Named after the legendary knot Alexander the Great disentangled, you’re required in this puzzle to disassemble/reassemble the Gordian’s Knot without cutting it in half like the illustrious conqueror allegedly did. You will need to make an intricate series of 69 moves to hope disassemble these 6 interlocking pieces without cheating.


5- V-Cube 7

A 7×7 cube instead of the standard 3×3 Rubik’s cube, how’s that sound? This makes the number of permutation possible of 19,501 sexvingitillion (1.95 x 10160). This might seem like a near-impossible puzzle to solve, but the actual world-record for finishing a V-Cube 7 is over two minutes and forty seconds.


6- Mensa Brain Barriers

This is a puzzle book containing 300 pages describing scenarios and asking questions with the highest degree of difficulty imaginable. You can spend hours scratching your head trying to solve the puzzles, why not even compete with friends to replace once in a while the usual video game parties or else.


7- Heist

Invented by a mathematician and a psychologist, you’re supposed in Heist to steal gemstones from a vault protected by 57 locks. Each lock is a puzzle that you need to solve before taking on the next one. Heist is considered by many to be the hardest puzzle ever, so don’t miss out on it.


8- Timonen Burr Puzzle

Designed by the world famous puzzle master Vesa Timonen, Timonen Burr Puzzles is a very difficult version of this type of puzzle where you need to intersect the sticks between them properly in order to solve it. While the entire puzzle is only 2 inches on each side, don’t be deceived by appearances, the Timonen Burr Puzzle is surprisingly quite hard to solve.


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