microsoft surface pro 3 buying guide

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Buying Guide

As Microsoft sprang the first generation of the surface brand, it promised a peevish challenge toward its one and only rival, Apple. The Apple’s user-friendly product known as MacBook Air has become popular due to its magnificent thin design, and high specs that was built with.  However, Microsoft did not sat on one’s hand, but it invented a beautifully designed product that will attract computer and tablet users; made a 2-in-1 device. Microsoft has launched two versions of each generation, a standard version and a pro one. The standard is bounded to basic usage such as taking notes, surfing the web, and watching movies. Meanwhile, the pro is engineered for gaming, 3D design software, and advanced tasks. The surface pro 3 has brought high performance and a PC like experience, i.e. the alternative of your laptop with tablet features as a plus, such as, longer battery life, and lightweight. Is this the appropriate device for such utility ? Prominently it is with no skepticism. Let us figure out why with this quick guide to buying your PC alternative.



If you are and old user of surface pro 2, you will notice some alternations in terms of the size of display, with a 12 inch, the surface pro 3 is considered among the largest tablets in the market. Featuring the IPS technology, 2160 x 1440 pixels in the resolution, and a 3:2 aspect ratio. you will be amazed while watching movies and playing games. The multi-touch brings you the premium experience of a tablet;  lets you use your finger to select, zoom, or move things around your screen.



The surface pro 3 comes with a 4th generation of Core i3, i5, and i7. It depends on your budget and needs, by doing so, Microsoft tried to cover different categories of users. Anyhow, if you are a premium user who needs an appliance that will boost your energy and handle your complex tasks easily you must tackle the i7. The latter will feature a 512 GB in the local storage with a 450 GB as a maximum user storage, but you have an external micro SD card slot for extra space. Moreover, you are promised to have an 8 GB of RAM, your apps will run smoothly like your laptop. The tablet comes with a 5 MP in the front camera and another 5 MP in the rear. Both of the cameras will let you record videos in 1080p, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and each camera is equipped with a privacy light. The two stereo microphones that are built-in promise Noise-cancelling feature that minimize the noises around you, improving the sound quality in phone calls and video recordings. Such a fancy device will afford two stereo speakers with Dolby® enhanced sound so you can listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. If you want more privacy plug in your headset in to the headset jack and enjoy.


Other features:

Old users of the surface devices will be familiar with the kickstand that allows you to enjoy your tablet at your desk or on the couch by flipping it out to any angle. This time Microsoft integrated a USB 3.0 port to connect USB accessories, such as, mice, printer, 4G USB dongle, or an Ethernet adapter. Nevertheless, you will enjoy your content shared on HD TV, monitor, or projector by using the Mini DisplayPort version 1.2. The Surface has four sensors, compass for location, an ambient light sensor that approximate the human eye response to light under a variety of lighting conditions, accelerometer to measure acceleration, and gyroscope to measure or maintain orientation. The surface pro 3 is shipped with windows 8.1 but it can be upgraded to the recent and the most extremely flexible operating system, windows 10. Longer usage is no more a problem with the 9 hours battery life that Microsoft guarantees you for web browsing. You suffered a lot with over-heating problems ? With the liquid cooling technology, this is no longer an issue. Use your surface as long as you desire with no single lag.



Microsoft promotes its premium device with plenty of accessories but we will consider the essentials.



The masterpiece of accessories. A beautifully designed stylus, which lets you relish a natural writing experience through your hands. Enjoy jotting down notes even while your surface is locked by clicking once on the top button. You will love this feature. Taking screenshots is easily done with the double click on the same button. However, you are welcomed to use other pens in the market but for sure; you will not enjoy the same experience fostered in the Microsoft’s stylus features.


Type cover:

For a full pc experience, you will need this detachable engineering miracle. It comes with different colors, and features backlight keys to provide you an unlimited usage even in dimly lit conditions with no problem. Consider the strong magnetic clip to attach the cover to your tablet as a tip.


Docking station:

The Surface Pro 3 is a great portable machine, but there’s a dock for making it a great desk machine too. This Surface Pro 3 Docking Station includes 3 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, Display Port out, and an audio input/output jack. It also has its own power supply so that you can keep yours in your bag.


Wireless display adapter:

Mirroring media content from your screen to your TV or another monitor has always been desired as a feature. Enjoy watching HD movies or streaming your presentations with high spirits.

What a refreshing device. Overall, the surface pro 3 is amid the best tablets in the market now. A powerful beast in a thin vigorously designed body made from magnesium. You will feel its beauty in your hands. Does it replace you laptop or not ? It depends on you. However, in terms on the surface specs it is unconquerable as a tablet. The i3 version is great as a holiday gift. It costs 599 $ in the Microsoft store if you go for a 128 GB SSD. The verge echoed, “The Surface Pro 3 does a better job of cramming a full-powered computer into a touchscreen tablet than anything ever has before”.

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