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Everything you need to know when buying pet supplies


Your pet is your family. Pets have proven to be a great source of joy and happiness and according to researchers they can even help you stay healthy. So it is a time you give back to your pet by showing your gratitude and give your pet the best supplies to have a long healthy life as well. Whether you pet is a dog, cat or even a reptile, following this guide you will know exactly what to get.


Supplies for Dogs:


Kennels: the first thing you need to get your dog is a Kennel; it will provide sense of security and give your dog a place where he can feel safe and it will protect him while you’re gone. For a safe drive, you may also want to get a dog crate.

Dog bed: Even if your dog sleeps outside your house you still need to get him a bed. So you need to be familiar of all the choices in the market and get the perfect size for your dog.

Dog treats: food treats is a fun way to reward your pet. It will help with their training and cleaning their teeth.But you need to know the exact amount your dog needs, otherwise, your dog might gain a lot of weight.

Feeders and dishes: For pet dishes you want to get ceramic or stainless steel it is the better choice. To make digestion easier for your dog, you may want to get an Elevated (Raised) Dog Feeder.

Dog toys: Toys come in different sizes so you have to make sure to get the right size for your dog. You don’t want to get your dog a small toy that he can swallow, or a bigger one he can’t get a good mouth grip on it.

Dog Collars and Leashes: You don’t want your dog to get lost. Make sure to attach an identification tag to your dog collar. You can also attach a dog leash directly to the collar.


Supplies for Cats:


Cat toys: Cats love to play so you need to know all kinds of toys you can get to your cat. whether it is a laser pointer, little toy mice or any toy that swings, your cat will stay occupied and entertained.

Litter boxes: It is very known that cats love boxes. The best thing about boxes is you can always get them for free, all you need to do is fill them with a safe, non-toxic litter.

Cat beds: Cats love to curl up. You can get different round cat beds and put them in different spots around the house.

Cat Collars: The most important thing to remember when purchasing a cat collar is to get one designed specifically for cats.Your cat can wriggle her way out if she snags her collar on a branch and avoid strangulation.

Scratching posts: If you find your cat scratching your furniture don’t be surprised. So getting a scratching post for your cat is a MUST.


Supplies for Birds:


Birdcages: You want your bird to have the freedom to spread his wings in his cage. Make sure to get a wide cage depending on your bird size.

Bird toys: Birds also like to play. You can get your bird a swing, a ladder or simply a mirror to keep him entertained.

Bird treats: There are so many tasty treats for your bird to choose from. whether it is fruits, beans or nuts make sure to contact your vet first to know what is best for bird breed.


Supplies for Fish:


Aquarium: Aquariums come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can purchase small desktop fish bowls or large wall-sized tanks. You can also choose either an acrylic aquarium or a glass aquarium.

Filter and air pump: Make sure that the water is clean and healthy for your fish by providing a tank filter and air pump for removing particles and impurities from the tank.

Thermometer and heater: Make sure to know which temperature your fish needs and provide thermometers and a heater to regulate your aquarium’s temperature.

Landscaping and plants: You don’t want your aquarium to be plain boring. You want your fish to have the best view he can get. Make sure to have the right pet supplies in your landscaping such a hiding places. Also, you can put some live plants to add some oxygen to the water.


Supplies for Reptiles:


Aquarium or terrarium: You can choose between a glass terrarium or fresh-air terrarium. Decorate an aquarium or terrarium with sand, plants, heating rocks, and hiding places.

Reptile Food: pellets, live insects and rodents can be a good choice for reptile treats.Some reptile eats daily others only once a week, so make sure to know your reptile feeding habits.

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