8 Tips To Prevent Your House From Smelling Like A Doghouse

Having a dog at your house is no doubt a lot of fun but isn’t in the least synonymous with a fresh and clean place. In fact, pooches tend to leave behind them a trail of distinctive smells you wouldn’t call exactly homely. You might get used at some point and stop sensing the pet’s smell; but whenever there would be guests visiting your house, they won’t fail to notice it. This doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t ways to limit your pet’s mess. Here are 8 tips you can follow to prevent your house from smelling like a kennel:


1- Bathe/Groom Your Pooch Regularly


It is recommended to bathe your dog on a regular basis with dog shampoo that is safe for the pet. It will clean dirt and eliminate any odor the pooch might carry wandering through the house. Just be sure not to over-bathe the dog, as you risk drying out the skin. You can, however, brush and groom your pet as often as you want, it is a good cleaning method too. What’s more is that dogs usually enjoy being brushed! Last but not least, there remains the paws to wash, as those legs carry a significant amount of dirt. For that, a Brushless Paw Wash will do the job no problem.


2- Lint Roller


Dogs always leave about locks of hair wherever they go, especially home furniture. To counter that, use a vacuum cleaner with a pet attachment or a lint roller on a weekly basis, it will surely prove to be highly effective.


3- Floor Cleaning


On top of the furnitures, the floor is also essential to clean because of your dog’s presence. Use different methods whether your floor is carpeted on the one hand, tiled, wooden, or laminated on the other hand. If it is the former, you will have to vacuum regularly. Most importantly, make sure the vacuum canister/bag is empty because if it is full with dog hair, this will only spread the other further. A carpet deodorizer safe for pets is also another solution. For the other types of floor (tiles, wood…), you’ll have to sweep with same pet-friendly floor cleaner. You can also use the Swiffer WetJet in that effect.


4- Change Air Filters Monthly


Dog hair also can clog air filters, which will damage your air-conditioner. Prevent that by changing the air-conditioning or furnace filters every month, maybe even every 15 days if you have more than one pet.


5- Disinfectants


Bacteria are one of the reasons for the odors. So using sanitizing disinfectants will eliminate almost all of the germs and get rid of some of the smells as well. Because dogs are very curious creatures, Read the labels and make sure that the cleaning product is safe if your pooch happens to lick or stick his/her nose in it.


6- Odor Eliminating Products


Better than the air fresheners that just cover the smell, Febreze or some special kind of candles actually eliminate the odor. These latter are easy on the eye, so all the more reason to get those. Quite useful!


7- Enzymatic Cleaners


If ever the dog slips up and urinates inside, an enzymatic cleaner will get rid of the odor but also eliminates those pheromones or molecules that make dog tend to go pee at the same spot again. That’ll teach the tail-wagger!


8- Wash The Dog’s Bedding Regularly


Your doggy’s bedding should be able to be put in the laundry for regular washing. That includes pillows, blankets, fabric/washable toys…. As often as you wash your own bedding is probably the best idea, so as not to forget and keep a steady rhythm.

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