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Best tips for dressing your pet

Pets like to look fancy as much as you do. Getting a pair of booties, a dapper sweater or a rhinestone collar will make your pet happy and elegant. Keep on reading to know the best tips on ho to choose clothes for your little friend.


There are 6 thing to remember while buying clothes for your pet:



Size matters. Pets clothes also come in different sizes exactly like ours. Before buying clothes you need to make sure you know the right size of your pet, if your dog or cat are small, then getting large clothes can be dangerous, they can get stuck in fences or bushes, trip on them or get strangled by some nearby items. If your pet is large, then getting small clothes may cause some serious health problems, such as constricting breathing, limiting their movement which can cause some misjudgment leaps. Also make sure that your pet’s eyes are not covered by clothes or their vision are blocked. If your pet is a dog, then here is a guide on how to measure your dog for clothes.



Clothes’ closures can be tricky. If you don’t enough attention to them, they can cause some serious problems to your pet. You do not want your pet to chew off, suffocate or/and choke on buttons. Closures on your pets’ clothes should be safety buckles, you do not want it to stretch or break away when under stress, which can cause strangling or some serious problems if they get caught with some items while your put wears them.



Even with the right size, your pet clothes may not fit perfectly. While trying clothes on your little friend, make sure to put two fingers in each area in his tiny little body tp make sure there is enough space between his skin and clothes. If the clothes are itchy or rub, then it may cause some unwanted soreness on your pet’s skin.



Most dogs and cats have fur to keep them warm, so they don’t actually need any clothes. But there are many breeds that need to kept warm during cold weather such as sphynx cats, greyhounds or jus small dogs. For these types of pets you need to get some clothes that are warm enough and at the same time gentle enough on their sensitive skin. You can choose fabric like French terry, shearling, fleece. but if your pet is allergic or shows sensitivity to synthetic fabrics, then you need to choose clothes in natural fibers such as cotton, leather and wool.


Nighttime safety:

If walking your pet at night is your habit, then there are some few things to keep in mind if your pet is wearing clothes. First thing, you should make sure that your pet’s clothes have some bright colors and also have reflective tape to keep him safe on the road, after all you do not want your little friend get hits by a car or anything. Second, the apparel your pet is ¬†wearing should accommodates a collar or harness and leash, to keep your pet safe and to prevent him from getting away easily in the dark. A leash can help prevent your pet from eating some bad plants, getting in fights or scuffles with other animals and also it can keep him from walking through brush.



Remember the feeling you get when you buy new shoes or new jeans and you just need some time to get used to it? Well guess what! your pet needs also some time to get completely comfortable with his new clothes. Pets are not used to have things on their skin, for warmth, most of them have fur and for cuteness, well they are already cute without any clothes on. To help your pet get comfy with his new clothes, you can make him wears it for short periods of time every no and then, just to get used to the feeling of the fabric, and then with time you can make him wear them for longer periods on regular basis.

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