measure your dog for clothes

A guide to help you measure your dog for clothes

Getting clothes for your dog is always a great idea. Pet clothes will keep your little friend warm and adorable, but getting the right measurement is always tricky and for some of us it seems kind of hard thing to do, but following this guide, you will see how easy and fast  it would take you to measure your dog for clothes.


Before actually start measuring your dog, you need to remove his collar and brush his neck fur until it becomes smooth. Smoothing all of the fur will make it easier for you to get the right measurement with no trouble. While brushing your dog’s back, make sure to start from the shoulders to the base of the tail.


  • Measure the dog’s back:

The first thing you want to do, is get your dog to stand still so you’ll get the measurement right, then hold one side a tape measure at the base of the dog’s neck on the top of his back, after that begin approximately in the place where the collar would fit. If you did that, then you need to pull the tape measure to the base of the tail. The last step is to record the measurement, so make sure you always have a piece of paper and pen around. Normally this length is the measurement size for many types of dogs’ clothes such as sweaters or t-shirts.


  • Adjust the measurement:

For male dogs, you need to shorten the collar-to-tail  length measurement. Also keep in mind that some areas in your male dog clothes, such as  the belly and groin, do not have a cutout, so it  will need a shorter length measurement. Doing so will reduce the chances of your dog urinating on the clothes.


  • Measure your pet for a hat:

Dog’s hats are cute and adorable, and you may think it is easy to just choose a hat and it will fit perfectly, but that’s not entirely true. The first thing you need to do is compare your dog’s measurement with the diameter measurement of the cap. To measure your dog’s head, hold the tape measure on top of your dog’s head and then start measuring  from the base of one ear and then move up and over the head to the base of the second ear. You can also find some caps that have an elastic adjustment band, which will make fitting way much simpler.


  • Choose a new dog collar:

If you want to get a new collar for your dog, and you don’t know his measurement, then you better get a piece of non-elastic string and place it gently around your dog’s neck. After that hold the two ends of the string together, make sure you have a scissor to trim the string. The final step is to measure the string and compare it with the collar measurements. Remember to put two fingers under the string, so you make sure it is not too tight on your dog’s neck. After all your dog’s safety is the most important thing.

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