8 Essential Baby Items

New parents very often find themselves somewhat at a loss when they try to know what are the diverse baby items that are really going to help them facilitate that marvelous, yet tiring period, of raising their wonderful baby. If you are looking for such items that can really make a difference, check out this list of 8 must-have baby items:


1- Swaddling Blankets


Swaddling blankets such as the Aden and Anais blankets are quite perfect for babies thanks to the lightweight muslin material that lets the baby’s body normally adjust. You can keep using the swaddling well into the baby’s toddler years.


2- Snotsucker


Granted the title of this item is quite comical but don’t get deceived, it really is pretty useful. We personally recommend the one called NoseFrida because it is non-invasive as it doesn’t actually go inside the baby’s nostrils but rather works as a vacuum by making you aspirate whatever you want your child’s nose to be rid of and go into the … snotsucker. This “natural” method of aspiration is much more effective than a bulb or a battery-powered aspirator.


3- Diaper Bag


The Petunia Pickle Bottom is quite the nice diaper bag. It features 3 pockets, 2 bottle pockets, 2 pockets for diapers and wipes, a pacifier pouch, a key clip, and a zip-out changing station that has a detachable changing packs. As you can see it’s quite the spacious backpack.

4- Humidifier


One like the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is great for helping against cold symptoms, an itchy skin, and dry lips. It works providing moisture on low power for about 11 hours before it shuts off when the tank is emptied. Oh and the design is pretty cute too!


5- Breast Pump


If you don’t like breastfeeding all that much you should consider investing on the Medela Advanced Breast Pump that is especially made for those who want to use one regularly each day. It features a bag, breast shields, shield connectors, tubing bottles with lids, valves and membranes, an ice pack, a cooler bag, a battery pack and a power cord. What more do you need?


6- Nursing Cover


If you are breastfeeding and feel the need for a little privacy, a nursing cover such as the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover will fit comfortably right in. Its neckline allows eye interaction between the mom and her baby with free airflow. There are also different patterns proposed to choose from; no reason not to stay trendy, right?


7- Care Kit


The Noodle & Boo Essential Care Kit provides that very much sought-after skin protection for babies, children, and adults alike. It’s made of the best skin beneficial ingredients and natural antioxidants, making it soft and unharmful to apply it every day to protect your baby’s delicate skin.


8- Pacifier


Pacifiers are the most recognizable baby items and so we couldn’t end the article without including it. The WubbaNub Infant Animal Pacifier is great in that it combines a beautiful plush toy with a hospital grade pacifier. Two birds with one stone!

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