The Perfect Laptop Backpack: The Timbuk2 Walker

Backpacks are practical for kids for school, teens and young adults for traveling, and also for adults for work. Some backpacks gets packed without even stacking more than 4 things in it, what you need is a backpack that has space for everything you want to carry, but at the same time you don’t want it to big enormous. When kids go to school for the first time in a year, they want to display their good clothes and special gadgets, for teens it is simply a mean of taking numerous things with you, and for adults it should be practical and should contain everything you need for your job. Backpacks nowadays aren’t just a tool to carry what you need in, they became a part of the fashion industry, there are some uniforms that won’t feel complete without a backpack, they are designed to fit with a backpack, so excluding it won’t give the perfect charm for the one who is wearing it.


it is fairly obvious that you have experienced enough backpacks to know the struggle of not enough space, that is is why picking up a backpack decision should not be taken lightly if you are not a fan of carrying them. Instead of picking a backpack and a shoulder strap bag for your books or computer, you should look for one that can offer you a space for all sorts of things. In this article we recommend that, and to fulfil all these purposes, the Timbuk2 Walker Laptop Backpack.


Timbuk2 Walker Laptop Backpack


This Backpack is designed with several pockets that fit for all types of items, side pockets for water or soda bottles, others for an umbrella. internal pockets that allows you to store small things, the flap is made to protect the contents of the backpack from water incase it was raining. In addition to this, there are a lot of things that we will discuss later on. It basically offers everything you need when it comes to storing items.


The design is marvelous, for fashion lovers, this backpack can serve as a component of your beautiful dress or you fabulous suit, it can be worn with sports clothes, classic and so all the other styles. Its available in different colors; Black, White, Green, Red and Blue, It is also available in Stone, Bitters and Cognac colors. It is made of a fabric that is water resistant, Waxed 14Oz Canvas prevents water from soaking into the contents inside, and the older it get the better it looks. This backpack is practical for people who use laptops, but it is also good for students and business travelers.


The Timbuk2 Walker is designed specifically for the city, it looks good in public and also practical if you move a lot, say for instance, from a work meeting in a coffee shop to a the buss station and so one, it’s easy to gather your stuff in as they are easy to take them out from it. The zippers and leather straps add a secure sense to the overall feeling when equipping this backpack. The shoulder straps are very comfortable, and the side pockets are easily accessible even while equipping.


Overall Details


The Timbuk2 Laptop Backpack is designed With an internal organizer for small stuff such as pens and phones. don’t worry it’s completely secure and concealing. The side pockets as we have mentioned earlier fit for water or soda bottles and even umbrellas. The shoulder straps are designed to give a comfortable feeling to who is carrying. The leather and trim binding and intricately made. The backpack is made of liner fabric with a soft surface finish. the Waxed 14oz is a water resistant fabric and looks better the older the backpack gets. It can carry up to 15 inch screen such as MacBook Pro keeping in mind that the side pocket can fit for an ipad as well as the laptop. As far as measurements are concerned, they are as follows:

Bottom Width is 14 in, Middle Width 14 in, Top Width 14 in, Depth 5 in, Height 20 in, Strap Length 32 in, Strap Drop 15 in, Handle Length 7 in, Handle Drop 3 in, Weight 3.7 lbs.

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