What You Should Know About E-readers

Have you ever found yourself faced with the problem of not carrying enough books? I can safely say that we all had, sometimes when you want to travel somewhere far, you have to pack several books with you so you can keep escaping reality, the problem most of people encounter is the lack of space, and even if you have enough space you will find yourself overburdened which will make transporting a little bit harder, the fact that you will have to carry an additional bag makes you feel exhausted already before you go out, or it will cost you more money if you plan to travel by an airplane, the weight fee will be increased, and when you are traveling you try not to spend that much money, with this being said, you are probably looking for something that can prevent you from falling in all these problems, this is why we offer you a thorough explanation as to why an E-reader is practical in situations like these.

First we have to keep in mind something on which most of us will agree, the physical books copies are better than an E-reader on many scales, this can be denied by people who think otherwise, they endorse their statement by stating that on an E-reader, you have a dictionary, a music player, a web browser and an online store, it is true, we also don’t deny that, but somehow books are still better for me personally, maybe because of the smell ? or simply because you remember what you read on paper better than reading one of an e-reader. In this article however, we will try and tell you what you should know about an E-reader before you buy one, they can carry thousands of books, and gain you some space in your package and also some few bucks.


E-books Vs. Books

E-reads as we have mentioned earlier allows you to carry plenty of books, your favorites, your to be read titles and more books you want to discover, buying a physical copy will only enable you to read that particular book. E-readers are light in weight, small in size and have an immense capacity, they contain options that will make your reading experience fun, there will be no need of a dictionary or a music/video player, all in one is the best feature you can get. The fact that accessing books easily is very encouraging, you can buy and download the book in few minutes and start reading, this way you won’t be able to wait for shipping or take a stroll to the bookstore, although that is one of the best activities a bookworm can do but we are talking about traveling. The prices of books in the form of a digital copy (e-book) are cheaper than paperbacks or hardbacks, in comparison, you can buy a Stephen King book that contains 1200 pages for 9.99$ whereas a physical copy can cost up to 30$, this is one of the reasons E-readers became a hit nowadays. There are plenty of other reasons why buying an E-reader can be beneficial, the availability of new books is on point, you can buy a book the day it was published instead of waiting it to be delivered to a nearby bookstore, you can also borrow books from friends and e-libraries and finally you can access internet through Wifi or even 4G and 3G.




Reasons to and Not to Purchase An E-reader

Like any gadget of technology there are things that make buying an E-reader worth it and others that discourage you to do so. In this part we will talk about these things hoping that we will help you come to a decision. First we start from the positive perspective:

Buying an E-reader is for people who read excessively, the odds are that you are going to read two books in the span of a week, you can guess how hard it’s going to be if you are this type of readers, you will find yourself carrying a bookshelf if you plan to stay abroad for a month or two.

Second reason is that you like to get the most out of your books, this includes taking notes, define hard words and customize the text size, you can do all this on your E-reader, whereas on a book it will take time and cause you to lose focus sometimes as you go around fetching your notebook, a pen or a dictionary.

Some people despise packed areas, this is one of the reasons you don’t want to build a bookshelf, if there is another reason that prevents you from building one, a E-reader is the best option you have.

As far is the negative things go, you want something that can do everything, including watching video, playing games, texting and even calls, an E-reader can’t do these tasks but a normal tablet can, just keep in mind that a tablet is not easy on the eyes whereas an e-reader is made with an e-ink screen that similar to a paper when you look at it.

The most obvious reason not to buy an E-reader is that you personally prefers real books, holding a book in your hand as not as cool as holding an E-reader, moreover than that, you can’t smell an e-reader can you ? we are not saying that you not buy an e-reader, we are just stating the things you will miss if you buy one.

Third reason is the battery survivability, if you don’t want to keep recharging stuff, an E-reader is not for you, although they can last up to two or three days and up to a week on standby you will eventually have to recharge it.




    The Difference Between E-readers and Tablets

E-readers and tablets are completely different, this is something that everybody asks himself before buying one of these, the answer is that each one of these gadgets perform the task it is required from them and the tasks they are designed to do. A tablet can be used as a small computer whereas the E-reader in only to read books, it designed with little features in order not to make you distracted. The conclusion of this comparison is that you should buy an E-reader if you want to own hundreds of books in one item and also want to save space, or buy a tablet if you want to enjoy all the features that you have in your smartphone or computer, one thing you should know is that the screen of the tablet can hurt your eyes, and irritate you when you read outdoors, whereas the e-reader as we have mentioned earlier is similar to reading on a paper thanks to its e-ink screen that prevents glossiness under the light of the day.


What Types of Files an E-reader Reads

There are plenty of formats for ebooks files, the most common format is the Epub, most of the e-readers are designed to read this kind of files, but others can also use PDF, MS word files or Mobi. the problem with PDF files is that you won’t be able to zoom the text, you will only zoom as in image this can reduce the quality of the text and if the image is big you will only be able to read half of it. Epub and Mobi however are the best formats for e-readers, the other formats are .azw, .bmp and even .png and. jpeg and the types are used depends of the type of the e-reader, there is Amazon kindle and Kobo kindle, we recommend that you by an Amazon kindle.


What Your E-reader Should Contain

Before you buy an e-reader you must check the options it offers or if you anything specific in mind, do a quick research before you buy, there are two types of e-readers, one you can use buttons to control and the under you can use just your fingers since they have the touchscreen option, there are also e-readers that contain both these option and we recommend one of these. Other e-readers are designed with buttons in the sides so you can have easily navigate through the pages, this option will also prove beneficial if you want to put your e-reader in a less tiring position.




Some e-readers are made with an option that allows you to read under dim lights, because you can’t read on an e-ink screens at night. A tablet on the other hand have the option of reading at night thanks to the colors the only problem with these gadgets is that they are not healthy for the eyes. When you purchase an E-reader make sure it comes with a charger, a pen, if you bought when with a pen of course, and make sure the capacity is exactly what need to store all the books you want, E-reader capacity starts from 4GB and up.

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