Top 5 stylish scales for your bathroom

You want to stay updated when it comes to your weight, but you don’t want to mess up your bathroom decor? Well that won’t be a problem. Since they are so many different types and styles of scales, your bathroom will look classy and elegant.

1) Digital scales:

A digital scale is easy to use when it comes to weigh yourself, and the results are even easier to read. With standard spring scales you will never be sure, because every time a person steps on that scale the springs get a little more wear and this will change its accuracy. So the best way to have the precise reading, is make sure to have a digital scale in your own bathroom that only you use. Digital scales come in glass or sleek chrome to perfectly blend in your bathroom and give you a flawless decor.

2) Body composition scales:

If measuring your weight is not enough anymore, and you want to know the exact amount of fat in your body, then a body composition scale is the perfect scale for you. With this high-tech scale you’ll have your own health professional in your home to assess whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. It will give you the exact reading of your body fat depending on your body’s size, and you’ll stay updated when it comes to your weight, height, and fitness to achieve your goals for easy weight management.

3) Talking scales:

A talking scale looks exactly like a regular scale but with one added feature, it will announce the person’s weight in a pleasant voice. It is easy to use and very accurate, and it is the best choice for people with a bad eyesight. You can find so many styles to fit your bathroom decor, such as frosted glass with backlighting or simply stainless steel for a streamlined look.

4) Projection scales:

For a high-tech look in your bathroom, a projection scale is the one for you. It is easy to use, step on the scale and your weight is projected onto the wall for easier reading. Projection scale is so functional, you don’t need to squint or bend down.

5) Decorative scales:

If you are more into decor and looks, then you need to look for a decorative scale that would give your bathroom that elegant charm it needs. Scales made of bamboo or oak are usually the best choice. You can never go wrong with decorative scales, because they are both functional and stylish.

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