Top 5 Items For A Safe And Healthy Kitchen

One could argue that the kitchen is the heart of any good home. Obviously you would want to get the necessary items and tools for creating the optimal conditions in terms of health and safety. Here is a list of must-have items in order to help you do just that. Check it out!


1- Cutting Boards Set


To prevent any sorts of contamination, you should own at least a pair of two cutting boards. A good idea is to use each for a specific purpose. For example, you could use one for meats, fish, poultry and eggs only while you could use the other for all kind of fruits, vegetables, bread, and pretty much anything that you’re gonna eat raw. The best kind of cutting board would be one made with plastic or glass, non-porous, and dishwasher-safe. To help you know which is which, it would also be better if you can get your set in different colors.


2- Kitchen Knives Set


Good quality knives don’t come cheap, but they are the best in ensuring you cut up your food safely, preventing any unfortunate accident such as slicing inadvertently your fingers. There are however three must-have kitchen knives that’ll greatly ease up your cutting tasks:

8” Chef Knife: This is the multi-tasker, go-to knife. It will cut up pretty much anything with great delicacy, the must-have amongst the must-haves!

Paring Knife: It has a sharp, short blade. Perfect for precise cuts allowing you to have maximum control.

Bread Knife: Not used as much as the first two, the bread knife is still great at doing its job. As its name suggests, you can use it to cut perfectly through your bread; whether it is soft or crunchy, the knife won’t leave any damage. You can also use the bread knife to slice sandwiches, tomatoes, or to level cakes and even make chocolate shavings!


3- Non-Stick Pans/Pots


Prefer nonstick pots and pans for your kitchen that have a coating that will prevent any chip, peel, or crack. The Calphalon frying pans are excellent for that, making that trip from the stovetop to the oven an easy ride. There’s also its counterpart, the Calphalon multi-pot that are sold with a steamer basket and pasta insert. They are also dishwasher-safe, so don’t miss out on those! Alternatives would be cookware with cast iron and stainless steel, although the former is not recommended for acidic foods such as tomatoes; and the latter, while extremely efficient in conducting heat, it necessitates extra oils to avoid sticking.


4- Kitchen Fire Extinguisher


We hope you never get to use it, but you won’t at all regret having a fire extinguisher close by in case a fire starts. Better be safe than sorry and stop it before it spreads! There are effective, inexpensive fire extinguishers available, all the more reason to invest on safety!


5- Quick Dry Cloths


Sponges are often synonymous with bacteria. A great and healthier alternative to that are quick dry microfiber cloths or Skoy cloths. They are biodegradable and will replace your paper towels, sponges, dishcloths, and other rags. Skoy cloths are more durable thanks to its wash-ability feature. The fact that they dry quickly makes it inhospitable for bacteria to grow. You can even put the Skoy cloth inside the microwave to make sure no germ will contaminate it. 

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