Eat well and sleep well, key to good health

If you want a good health, don’t forget to eat well and have enough sleep, and don’t avoid overweight. If you don’t have enough night sleep, you risk of gaining more weight Studies found that lack of sleep has direct relation to kinds of hormones that in turn have relation with appetite. The ghrelin hormone excites appetite and leptin hormone sends signals to brain when you are full. And those who don’t sleep enough time the rate of leptin hormone if high, and low rate of ghrelin hormone, this means that you would eat more.

And as sleep has link to your appetite, the kind of food you eat in turn affect your sleep. If you eat a meal a kind of food such as pasta or bread or snacking on sugary candy ice creams, or cookies – these kind of food are full of refined carbohydrates would deprive your sleep. And for healthy sleep, you have to get more vitamins and minerals, and try to avoid caffeine and food that has a lot of it such as coffee, tea, soda and chocolate. And at the end, of course, avoid spicy meals especially before bedtime.

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