Tips On Making Your Homemade Colored Easter Eggs

Easter is one of the most fun activities you can do at home with your children no matter how old they are. Colored eggs are what easter is about for kids, but somehow some people can’t afford to get them. You can enjoy easter however, without having the need to buy the overpriced eggs dying tools, All you need for this, is a set of hard boiled eggs, and they must be two or three weeks old so you can do this efficiently. In this article on the other hand, we give you tips on how to dye your eggs with normal ingredients at home.


Preparing Egg Dye


The ingredients necessary for this procedure are simple and can be found in your kitchen cupboard. Take a glass or a bowl half full of water, you can either use gel paste coloring or food coloring mix. On one hand, when it comes to gel paste, you will need a small amount of strong gel paste coloring, you can use from four to five drops in each cup, and for dark colors you can use more than 5 drops depends on how dark you want your color to be. Food coloring on the other hand, should be enough to dye the full egg brightly without leaving spots, use more that 15 drops and mix them with water very well, and be careful you don’t stain your clothes. the 3rd ingredient is white vinegar, add one spoon to the mixture and stir it.


Dyeing the Eggs


After you have made the egg dye, it is time to start dying the eggs themselves.

Put the hard boiled eggs that you have already made into the mixture, note that the longer you leave them in it, the brighter the color will be, if you want to get very bright colors you need to patient, if not, you can remove them when you can see they are ready enough. Be careful not spill the dye over your clothes or table sheets, they can be really nasty when it comes to cleaning.  After that, take out the eggs from the the mixture of dye, put them in a safe area to dry, for this we suggest the egg cartoon.


Creativity and Innovation


After the eggs are dry, have your way with them, use you ideas to add new style to the decoration. For instance you can use duct tape to create patterns, coloring pens to animate your the eggs, circle stickers to create dots, give you kids the lead to color the eggs by themselves, you will see how creative they can be. Another example that i really find fun is Pokemon faces, everyone loves Pokemons, If you dyed an egg yellow, dry a Pikachu face on it, Green, that’s a Bulbasaur and so on.


Hiding Easter Eggs


After all the dyeing and decoration is done, it’s time to have some fun. Hiding Easter Eggs should be harder enough to make you children learn that you need to work hard to get what you want in life (evil isn’t it?), although you don’t want to see them suffer, but the least u can do is give them hints and tips where to find them from time to time. You can hide the eggs in everything and everywhere, place them in front of their toys or stuffed animals, in the the last place they might search since they are always familiar with objects. if you have any hollow objects hanging from your ceiling, stuff them with an egg or two, stick them in boots and jackets, kids are not likely to look there.

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