5 Tips To Plan Your Child’s First Birthday Party

Every moment of your child’s life is worth celebrating. Unfortunately we cannot afford to make every day a party, that’s why we have birthdays. Every birthday should be celebrated and cherished. But the most important birthday of them all, is your child’s first birthday. You little angle may not remember her/his first birthday party, but you can always show her/him all the pictures and videos you took. And i’m sure she/he will appreciate it when she/he grows up. Here are 5 great ideas to make the perfect first birthday for your baby.


1) Decoration:

There are many ideas when it comes to decorating a birthday party. The main idea to keep in mind, is to make it special and meaningful. If you don’t want to make a huge birthday decoration, then focus only on the main areas in the room. You can start at the front door with an inviting wreath, a banner, a themed sign, or whatever works for you. Once you have chosen the decoration for your front door, make sure to focus on how to decorate your food buffet or dessert table. To put it on the spotlight, you can suspend a pennant banner that color coordinates with your party colors over the display. Also another thing to focus on, is to embellish the front of the table with a birthday greeting as well. A table covering will be both handy in giving your theme party an extra shine, and also to protect your table from any scratch.


2) Birthday Cake:

There is no birthday party without a birthday cake. Make sure your birthday cake is the center of the party, after your kid of course, by elevating it on a pedestal. You may also consider balloons or some and unique candles to make the perfect party exclamation points! You can also make your cake match your theme party. Or you can simply put a picture of your beautiful kid on it.


3) Fabulous Food:

Just like a birthday cake, food is necessary. The main objective is to make food as delicious and yummy as possible. But that doesn’t mean that you should neglect the presentation. You need to have a fabulous presentation that will make your guests say wow, and be eager to try what you’ve made. To make a great presentation you can simply arrange interesting serving pieces on different levels by using pedestals and stands. You can also put napkins with fancy folds, glasses with identifying charms, utensils in convenient pouches, or any idea that may cross your mind, that will make your food look amazing.


4) Photo Booths and Photos:

You want this day to be remembered. One way to do so, is by taking lots of pictures. You may also, if you have enough money, put a photo booths. This way your guests will have the chance to take pictures whenever they feel like. Also make sure to take enough pictures, so that your guests can have a copy. You may also want to hire a photographer, or make someone take all the pictures for you. You are not a robot, you can’t do it all by yourself.


5) Thank you for Coming Gift:

You want your guests to have great memories. Another way to make them remember how great your party was, is by giving them a little thank you gift at the end of the party to take home. You can get them some small items that mean something to you. Make sure that the packaging is as great as the gift itself.

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