They say that every age has its own beauty, as so you my lady, you will remain pretty until the last day of your life. All what you need is the rightbeauty skin product, exercising, healthy food and of course stay away from anything that is harmful for your healthy, like smoking, drinking, etc.

However, if you really want to change your style life, and take more care about yourself in order to stay beautiful after your 40, this guide my lady is made to help you and provide you with all the necessary tips you need.


It’s all begin from here:



Being beautiful it doesn’t necessary mean to wear expensive clothes, and putting that perfect makeup, and spend your day trying to fix your hair. Your real beauty is somewhere inside you, if you are kind to people, then they will all share the same opinion about you which is: “ this lady is so loveable”, and loveable means that people see how pretty you are. Yes, there are ladies, who once you see them, you can be amazed by their charm,  femininity, sexiness, and appearance, but when you start looking inside them, there is no beauty, this pure beauty that make anyone, loves you, respect you, and see how beautiful you are. As so my lady, what you should focus on, is not that plastic appearance that can fade at any moment, but to what you have deep inside you, that will make not only look but also feel beautiful.



You don’t have to buy expensive makeup and beauty products, in order to look pretty. Put in mind that what your face and skin need, is to be hydrated. A good moisturizer will give your skin the softness it needs. In addition to the moisturizer, there are also a lot of body oils and creams which will be very beneficial for your body skin. They will make your skin feel silky and younger. Once in market try to look for aloe vera oil or cream, almond oil, coco oil, and shea butter, these are all perfect skin care product that every lady has to have on hands.

Concerning your face, you have to wash it with your daily soap every night before sleeping, and then apply a good cream, in order to hydrate it . When you want to put makeup, you have to start with the right foundation that will suit your color’s skin, and then try to make the makeup light, this way you will look soft, younger and pretty.




One thing is sure, that too much stress make anyone, look pale, tired, and even sad. So besides, taking care of your skin, body, and face, on other important key to beauty, is to take care about yourself, about your life, and style of living. How? Is so simple, here what you need to do, in order to keep your face pretty, happy, and glowing:



  • Hang out with friends from time to time.
  • Be honest with people around you.
  • Share joyful moment with people you love.
  • Cook something delicious and enjoy eating it with your family.
  • Go walk, or run on the beach one a week.
  • Listen to your favorite music and dance.
  • Get some interesting books, and read them before sleeping.
  • Go shopping.
  • Smile.





As it was mentioned many times in this article, exercising is a very important thing that every lady has to do at least twice a week. Working out is not only to have a beautiful body, but it is the perfect way to get rid of the stress, and tiredness. It will provide you with all the positive energy you need. However, if you still think that training is a tough thing, then just look for a specific activity to do, whether swimming, yoga, dancing, martial arts, boxing etc. Any activity you will chose you make you feel stronger, and will let you feel more confident.





looking beautiful is not only about choosing the right beauty care products, exercising and putting the right makeup, but it is also about the kind of food we eat everyday. If fast food is your thing, then just get rid of it as soon as possible, the more you eat clean the most you stay healthy, and pretty. I’m not telling you to follow a hard diet, but you have to eat what will make you feel good about yourself and also will make your skin, body and face stay healthy and younger. Avoid too much sugar, meat, fried food, soda, and replace them with fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, yagout etc.

You can make a lot of various delicious and healthy dishes if you love cooking. Just put your creation and imagination to work and you will be amazed with the tasty food you will make.

There are a lot of different ways to make us take more care about yourself. When you start looking at yourself differently, and you begin to feel this beauty inside you, be sure that all people around you will strat see the same thing.

You are just wonderful and amazing the way you are whether you have 20, 40, 60 or more, your beauty is never defined by your age but what you have inside you.

Love yourself and smile, and then you will only see beauty everywhere.

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