What you should Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

It is without a doubt the biggest decision you are going to make in your entire life, you will take yourself from a life that is your own and intertwine it with someone’s, there is the only solution with which you can celebrate your commitment to each others and admit you love and devotion to your other part. How you do it is very special; because how many times you are going to do this in your lifetime, we don’t mean to make make you more stressed about it, we are here to offer advice and nothing more, we know that you will be able to do it. Usually rings make the biggest proportion of the wedding budget, this is one of the reasons why you should no rush buying an engagement ring, do your research, know everything there is to know about the subject then and only then you go and make your move. In order to make this procedure smoother we offer you these few tips and without further ado, we get into the subject




before you buy the ring you should be aware of all types of diamond and their quality, diamonds differ from one to another, there are several measures that contribute in making the substance of high quality or otherwise. This topic is broad, do your research about the color of the diamond, the clarity, the quality and the size and weight of the piece of jewelry.


    Trusted Providers


The place where you buy the ring from should be trusted and authentic, always go for famous jewelry shops, they can be a little bit expensive but they are the best bargain you can get from the assurance and security perspectives, go to shops who had been in business for quite sometime, not only will they offer you good quality diamonds, they will also offer you advice, professional people always do that. You can check jewelry stores ratings on the internet.




One thing you should never do is buy a diamond ring without any certification. If you have a certificate you will be able to compare your rings to others with higher or lower quality in legal places, it will also enables you sell the rings to trusted shops in case of any mishaps. A ring with a certificate is completely legal.


    Returning the Product


Make sure that you make yourself familiar with the policy of the shop when it comes to returning rings, read carefully the instruction that permit you to return the ring if something happened. Some stores offer a period of time in which you can return the ring back and take your money, other however don’t do this. If you plan to buy a diamond ring that is customized based on your taste know that you will be able to return it, these special rings are rings that have your or your loved one’s initials graved on them, simply because the store owner will not be able to sell the item back since it has your initials engraved.


    Payment Methods


It would be preferable to buy a ring with a credit card instead of cash, this way you can have a digital record that you have transmitted the money to the seller in case he happened to deny that your purchase was never made.


    The receipt


it is of high importance that you keep the receipt that you will get with the ring when bought, hide it somewhere safe where you and your wife can gain access to, it is the most legal document you have to prove that the product is yours, it will also enables you to endorse your statement when you lose the ring, moreover than this, if you don’t have that receipt you will be unable to sell the ring in the legal market, which will eventually cause you to lose more than half of the price when you sell it in the black market.


We hope that we have fulfilled our objective and made buying a ring easier for your, if your follow these procedures there is nothing you should be afraid off. Congratulations and we wish you a happy and long marriage.


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