7 Cheap Gifts To Say Thank You To Your Teacher

7 Cheap Gifts To Say Thank You To Your Teacher

People working at your kids’ school work really hard, some more than others, that’s why showing a nice gesture to say “thank you” is always appreciated.

Your son’s teacher, your daughter’s educator, and everyone who is helping them succeed in their school deserves a medal. That’s why giving gifts to those who deserves it will surely make that person and even yourself very happy. So if you want to give some inexpensive gifts to your teacher, or to your kids’ teachers, here is a list of 7 items that are beautiful, very cheap and will surely make that one great teacher smile.

1) Spa In a Jar:

Who would hate a little cute adorable spa in a jar? Exactly no one. This is a great gift because it is so flexible and it can be as big or as small a you want it to be depending on your budget.

The coolest thing about the spa in a jar is that you can put anything in it. Soap, little small lotion bottles, nail polish, nail clippers, a lip balm, feet cream, face cream, hands cream, small bottle of shampoo or conditioner, nail polish remover, or even a razor, whatever you think of, would be a great addition to the little spa.

You might also expand your little spa to even a bigger spa (well, of course, depending on your budget). You might change the little jar with a basket if you have bigger items.


2) Thank You For Being a Light In The Life Of a Child:

This is a very cheap adorable cute gift. It is also very meaningful, sweet and will make the teacher either shed a tear, have a big smile in his face, or both.

You can get any cute lantern, a beautiful candle, a flashlight, or even a lighter. Anything that makes dark, well, less dark will be perfect for this gift.

You can go for scented candles as well, actually I believe they are even better than ordinary candles, because they will provide light, and also give the teacher a beautiful scent around her/him.


3) Bouquet Of Flower Pens:

Let’s be honest here for a second, pens are needles, it is impossible to keep them in place, and they are never near when you actually need one. To help the teacher keeps her pens in her desk, get her this amazing bouquet of flower pens. This gift is easy to make, won’t cost you a lot of money and you can make it in less than an hour.

You can get few pens, artificial flowers, a vase and, of course, some duct tape. You just need to attach the pens to the stems of the colorful artificial flowers with the duct tape, put them into the vase and voila you have a beautiful bouquet of flower pens that the teacher will absolutely appreciate.


4) No Sew Personalized Tote Bag:

Totes are adorable and very functional. They can carry lots of things and they can easily be folded into any bag. This is why I am including a No Sew Personalized Tote Bag in this list.

You can create any kind of design you want with a tote, you just need a white yote (or any color, seriously choose whatever you like), some color pencils or markers, watashi tapes, or some colorful ribbons. You can use all these items or you can just use some of them. A fun way to stay in the classroom theme is by making the white tote look like a sheet of paper. If you don’t want like it very much, then just let your imagination take you wherever. Just remember to have fun while making this gift.

You might include the teacher’s name, or any meaningful note or quote you want to add, just to make the tote more personal.


5) I am Tickled Pink That You Are My Teacher:

I am tickled pink to write this post for you. This is an adorable gift. Just like the spa in a jar, you can add anything pink into this gift set, seriously, anything. Pink nail polish, a pink pack of gum, a pink soap, a pink cup, a pink necklace, a pink pen, a pink lip balm, a pink plastic ring, a pink ribbon, anything pink, I mean the whole point of this gift is to make it as pink as possible, so go pink.


6) Thanks A Latte For Being a Great Teacher/For All The Work You Do:

Giving cards as gifts is the cheapest, easiest and simplest gift you can possibly give. Thanks a latte for being a great teacher, or thank a latte for all the work you do is a very funny and meaningful gift. It is also very easy to make, you just need to have an idea of what exactly it is that you want to write and print it on a photo paper, or on card stock and simply glue it to a cardboard. You might add a ribbon or not as you please. You can also write something using your own handwriting to make it more personal.


7) Potted Flowers With a Thank You Note:

Giving flowers is always a great thing to do, especially to someone who helped and show a lot support to you or your kids. Giving potted flowers to a great teacher will make him/her very happy and very appreciated. You can add meaningful notes, funny notes or whatever you feel like saying to the teacher.

Your teacher will be very happy with anything you give him/her. No matter how small or big, expensive or cheap, your teacher will very much appreciate the gesture and I am pretty sure you would make him/her love his/her job even more.

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