boost your battery life

The ultimate tips to boost your battery life

We all do remember those days when we used to plug our phones into an outlet to charge once a week; we look forward to relive that dream. Even though technology is evolving, smartphones still suffer from a peevish nightmare, battery life. The dropping of juice from your battery’s smartphone has many reasons to consider. Sadly, we get older, so do our phones.  The lithium ion that is within our batteries fails to keep up with the obstinate growth of technology. You would love to buy a flagship featuring powerful specs, such as, AMOLED display fostering vivid and brilliant colors, vigorous CPU and GPU, big resolution; variety of sensors built-in. The ugly truth that users are not aware of is that the more your device seems powerful the more it consumes power, and notably if they are heavy users. Let us take a look at this useful tips and tricks to boost your battery life.


Adjust brightness

You need to waste some few minutes, and get rid of what frustrates you. Brightness is your dire rival. Check your settings for brightness adjustment. Turn off auto brightness feature; turn it down and you will definitely save some juice for extra minutes. Unfortunately, you will not enjoy the quality of your display’s colors while watching movies or playing games but you can turn it up whenever you feel that you need to. Extra benefits ? Of course there are. Because your health matters, you will try anything to take care of it. As long as you use your phone often, you will harm your eyes. However, by turning brightness down it is doubtless that you will protect them.


Kill background apps

We are a multitask generation, and this is what features our phones due to hardware and software capabilities. We love to scroll between apps, and while doing so we will leave apps running in the background. Sadly, some apps will run in the background without opening them, such as weather, or social network apps (Facebook – twitter…). You will appreciate the improvement of your battery life if you prevent apps from running in the background. Companies fortunately are aware of this issue, and they gave the ability to prevent apps from running in the background with one click. Whether you are on iPhone, Android, or windows phone this option will be available in your settings. It is always welcome to get help from third party apps to manage your power.


Turning off connectivity features



We all do love listening to music by using speakers over Bluetooth. Even though technology has evolved, and prominently with the power of Bluetooth 4.0, our life has changed in terms of stability and power consuming. Engineers worked hard on providing a technology that will help us enjoy listening to music or any desired stuff on our cars longer. However, letting Bluetooth always on is odious, because it will not stop hunting for signal from the outside world. Turning it off when it is not needed will always be helpful in this case.



Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our lives without WIFI. Connected all the time is becoming our main concern. Nonetheless, there is no benefit from leaving Wi-Fi on if it is not used. Turn it off and prevent it from hunting for more wireless radio signals.



You will be careful more and more from now and on. Yes, NFC too will ruin your life. Turning it off as well will be advantageous.


Use an external outlet

For longer battery life, numerous companies invented some tiny external devices given the name -power bank- to charge your phone outside your home whenever your battery life is drained. Many brands with various features are available, and of course different prices. The more your power bank features higher mA the more you will charge your phone more than once. Plug your smartphone in and never worry about juice consuming.


Other tips


Auto lock:

Our phones are set by default to auto-lock in a precise time. You can always change this time, android will let your phone locked after 15 seconds; iPhone unfortunately they provide just 1 min. you can always avoid waiting by locking your phone manually.


Turning off location will improve your battery life by preventing apps to use your GPS sensor, and looking for your location whenever they need it.


Some Apps like Facebook will annoy you with its notifications whenever a message has been delivered or a friend commented on your post. The notification feature will alert you with a special ring and it will push your phone to vibrate depending on your setting, by doing so it will definitely consume more power.

  Battery saver mode:

The majority of ecosystems now make you able to save your battery life just with one click. Some third party apps will provide this feature if it is missing in your old ecosystem.

   Buy a battery case:

As the invention of power banks, many companies are trying to listen to their customers; by doing so, they designed some accessories such as battery cases that you can plug your phone in whenever it is dead.


Overall, the way that we use our phones will help us wring every drop of juice from our smartphone battery. Beside the fact that chips that are built-in our phone uses a share of our phone’s processor cycles, we as users need to change our way of treating our ecosystems, i.e. how we treat our phones.

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