Top Phone Gadgets To Boost Your Photos

We are witnessing today a widespread, generalized use of our smartphones to take all sorts of photographs: selfies, family portraits, social gatherings, landscape scenery, food…. Why not diversify then the styles and quality of the different pictures you are going to take on your phone? Here is a list of phone gadgets that will allow you to boost the phone camera’s possibilities and enhance the quality of your photos.


1- Smartphone Lens Pack


With an adhesive magnetic ring in the aluminum made visual helpers, the smartphone lens pack will enhance the angle, enable to take pictures from further away, an even more potent magnifier, and artistically distort your photos with the fisheye.


2- Ollodip 4-in-1


Alternatively, the Ollodip 4-in-1 includes 4 lenses in one single clip.  The lenses also provide 2 magnifier options (x10 and x15), as well as a wide-angle and fisheye options.


3- Holga 9-in-1


The Holga 9-in-1 incorporates in a wheel clock x2, x3, and x4 lenses as well as red, green, yellow, and blue color filters. There’s also in the addition of the standard lens a 60 mm macro lens that gives a close-up effect.


4- Smartphone Spy Lens


This stealthy lens allows you to take photos unnoticed. In fact, by keeping the phone flat, it works with a mirrored lens that spins the view into 360 degrees.


5- Sony QX Lens


By attaching it to the phone, the QX transforms your phone into a powerful digital single-lens reflex-like camera with its x30 magnifying ability. You can control the settings and shutters by installing an app that works with its own wifi or near-field communication signal.


6- Poppy 3D Convertor


This is a 3D image helper with a vintage look viewmaster housing. Its inside mirrors generate a dual image from 2 slightly different angles. It will as a result display 3D photos popping off the screen.


7- Galileo Robot Dock


It is a remote-operated rotating support for your phone. Ideal to take wide shots for landscape photos. It can also help capture easier the totality of a towering monument.


8- Wireless Shutter Remote


This miniature remote can be hid in your hands while you take pictures up to 30-feet away from your phone by clicking at will. Perfect for group photos without the trouble of having one click and rush in before the snap.


9- Nova Wireless Flash


This Nova gadget provides a better and more adjustable flash than the built-in flash in your phone. As small as a credit card but with 40 LED lamps, you can synchronize the gadget to your phone’s camera with an application that enables to adjust brightness and temperature. You can place the gadget up to 20 feet away to experiment on how to best take picture using shadows.


10- Pocket Spotlight


Annoyed by low-clarity photos during nighttime? The pocket spotlight can mount on your smartphone and provide adjustable light at your convenience. It has a 60-minutes autonomy and has a USB charge system.


11- Waterproof Case


If you fancy going underwater and explore the ocean’s wildlife or just wanna take cool immersed pictures inside a swimming-pool, a waterproof case for your smartphone is a cheaper choice than a GoPro. The case protects safely your phone while you take photos up to 130 feet underwater. You can also use it to snap pictures while showing off your surfing skills.


12- JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand

While a tripod can only act as a support on flat surfaces, the GorillaPod on the other hand with its octopus legs permit to use branches or poles as a support for some amazing shots by grabbing them tightly. The grip is also smooth.


13- Siva Cycle Atom


If you like going on bike explorations and also worry that your phone’s battery is gonna die out before completing your trail photo collection, the Siva Cycle Atom will mount your phone to your bike and profit from the energy generated by your pedaling to recharge the phone.   


14- Narrative Clip


By placing the clip to your collar, it will automatically take photos every 30 seconds and send them to your cloud without having to pull out the phone from your pocket. You can also manually take pictures by double-tapping the clip. That’s a gadget that will both save effort and time.

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