Equipment You’re Gonna Need To Begin Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a great workout activity as well as a meditation one that has both health benefits on your body and mind. If you’re thinking to start practicing yoga, here’s the basic gear you’re gonna need to practice at home. However, we suggest that you also take yoga classes as you would inarguably profit immensely from the yoga teacher’s knowledge. The yoga teacher can also give you tips on how to best practice at home.


1- Yoga Mat:


The yoga is the most important equipment you’re gonna need. Yoga mats come in a wide range of choices and budgets, such as the premium Manduka Black Pro Yoga Mat, or if you’re looking for something more ecologically friendly, consider the Manduka EKO Lite with no PVC. You can also use the mat for any other workout. Consider also a mat cleaner to wash off the sweat. The less smelly it is, the more enjoyable yoga will get.



2- Yoga Non-Stick Towel:


If you take up the challenging type of yoga, hot vinyasa, that makes  you go from one posture to another, with breathing linking the two, you’re probably going to need a yoga towel so as to keep the mat dry and avoid slipping. You can take a full-sized towel and lay it on top of the mat and a small one for your face. You could regret not having a towel if you slid off the mat while attempting a posture, which can lead to injury and would in any case make you start all over again.


3- Yoga Block:


A yoga block is great for beginners as it helps them to find better alignment and flexibility to perform some stances until they can do without. Even seasoned yogis can find use for a yoga block in some other advanced postures. Prefer recycled and non toxic foam block. To use a yoga block properly, don’t sink or rest your hand on the block but rather spread your fingers to use the hand like a suction. Other uses is to sit on it for better foundation, or putting it between your knees for better alignment.


4- Yoga Strap:


The Yoga strap helps you keep a posture longer. It also allows you to stretch your body more. An organic or unbleached yoga strap are better. To keep safety levels at a maximum, make sure the strap is hung on tight so as to avoid any unfortunate accident.


5- Yoga Bag:


If you’re going to carry around your yoga gear to go to classes, best buy a yoga bag that can carry everything you need in a single tote rather than carry them separately, which is uncomfortable. So better avoid that predicament by having a yoga bag, it is available with different sizes and shapes, depending on your needs.


6- Yoga Clothes:


Don’t go on practicing yoga with just any sportswear, choose clothes specifically made for yoga. In fact, you want a skinny, slim fitting shirt for better movement, and same for the pants. Yoga clothes are available for each gender, you can also add extra yoga leggings if you wish so.

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