6 Tips To Help You Unwind And Enjoy Your Bath

There’s nothing like a good nighttime bath to chill and relax after a hard day’s work. Indeed, if done right and in the optimal conditions, it allows you to sooth your mind, repose your body, and ultimately wash away all your daily troubles, exhaustion and stress. Of course, that entails some preparation. Here are 6 tips to follow to help you get ready an enjoyable and relaxing bath.


1- A Warm Bath

The water temperature should be as hot as you could possibly withstand whence you’re inside. It’ll give you the opportunity for a long nice bath. The heat is great in relaxing your muscles and rest them up before a new day.


2- Accommodate Your Senses

Lay your head by rolling up a towel back and close your eyes as this will enhance your relaxation. At the same time, it is also great to install a docking station for your iPod or smartphone, or a sound machine and thus listen to your favorite relaxation music. That’ll set the perfect mood to create your own special space outside the world and its earthly troubles.


3- The Lighting

A dim lighting is an important factor in creating the optimal relaxing bath conditions. What you could do to keep the lights at a minimum is to burn some candles or use the low-working LED candles.


4- Escape The World With A Good Book

If you are the reading type, an enthralling is a nice activity to have while relaxing in the bath at the same time. What you would need of course is a book bathtub organizer so that you wouldn’t ruin the book with all that water around!


5- Bath Salts

Whenever one thinks of relaxing baths, bath salts come up generally first, and for good reason. They have a nice beneficial effect on sore or swollen muscles. If you want to, you can add the personal satisfaction to make your own bath salt, what you will need  is mix in a large bowl half a dozen tablespoons of sea salt, 3 of epsom salt, 1 of baking soda, and also add a few drops of some essential oils of your choosing. All there remains then is to throw your homemade bath salt in and enjoy!


6- Plush Towels + Robe

We naturally want our relaxing baths never to end but eventually there comes a time when you need to get back out there, in the real world. However that’s no reason to stop indulging yourself. You can thus dry off in some cozy plush towels and then wear a warm robe with which you can wrap yourself in. It’ll have to be thick and plush. Finally, to keep your skin moist, you might want to try some body lotions, they’re really efficient!

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