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7 Simple Tips to Have a Well Organized Closet

We should face it, most of us have a messy closet, maybe because we don’t have too much time to put it in order, or we don’t have much space for each item. Sometimes you even spend a very bad day because of it, when you wake up late, and you don’t find your clothes quickly, you find yourself obliged to put anything in front of you, and then you just start your day badly.

Well!! Since we all agree about this, so what’s the solution then?

Organizing your closet might be very tiring, but it is very necessary in order to prevent your clothes from shrinking. So just take it easy, free your schedule, and try to follow these simple tips on how to organize your closet quickly and easily. Yet one important thing to start with, is getting rid of all the clothes that you don’t wear anymore, and after that you will be able to know from where to start.


Firstly, empty your closet, and then put each item in its new place:




In every closet, there is a small place where you can hang your clothes. You probably don’t want to hang all your items, so just choose the clothes that must to be hanged on.

What you should start with is selecting your clothes, which means that you have to separate them into two big sections:

  • Items you will put on shelves: Jeans, leggings, tops, shorts, sweatshirts, and knitwears. This section you can just fold it nicely and put it on your closet’s shelves.
  • Items you will hang on rods: Shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, skirts, and trousers. And this section, you have to put it into small sections and just hang them in your closet rod.

When you do this method you will be able to find your clothes easily, also you will keep them clean and you will avoid any kind of shrinkage.




In case you have more space in your closet,  the best thing you can do to save space in your bedroom, and put all your clothes in order, is adding dressers. In fact they will be very practical for your underwear, scarves, beanies, hats, and even towels and napkins.

Dressers https://www.searchub.com/blog/have-a-well-organized-closet-with-these-simple-tips/



Once you have some dirty clothes, you just throw them anywhere, and this is exactly when the mess in your room starts. So what about a good option? Which is to get some large baskets where you will put all your laundry, and the day you will wash them, you will not stress a lot, because you will simply find them in your laundry basket. And this way you will save your time and you will keep your closet and room clean.

Laundry Baskets https://www.searchub.com/blog/have-a-well-organized-closet-with-these-simple-tips/




Small boxes or baskets work perfectly for both large and small closets. There are always some items that we don’t find the right place for them, so in this part boxes and baskets can do a great job. Moreover, when you have only a small closet and you don’t have much space in your bedroom for drawers or dressers, then again boxes can fit in anywhere, you can even place them on the top of your closet.

You can buy boxes in different colors and name each one by a specific item, and then put your things in their box, like for example, socks, in the box where there is the name socks, scarves on its box and so on. When you do so you will keep your closet well organized and you will find all the necessary things you want easily and quickly.




If you don’t have much space in your closet, then think about adding hooks in your bedroom. Whether in the wall or over the door of your room, hooks are the best solution to gain more space, just select the clothes that you don’t have place for, and hang them on the hooks. Sometime you don’t know what to do with your jackets and coats, since you can’t fold them, as so hanging them on hooks will be the best thing to do.




Another solution in case you don’t have a big closet, is to add some shelves in your bedroom’s walls. it will be up to you to choose the size and the shape of the shelves, and once there are installed, then you can use them. Just fold your clothes the right way and put them on the shelves. This way you will save more space in the room and also you will ease the  access to your clothes.


Wall hanger https://www.searchub.com/blog/have-a-well-organized-closet-with-these-simple-tips/



Closet is not only made for clothes, your shoes also must find their place on it. Most of time, you just throw them on the floor or under your bed, the thing that is not very practical, because they can be spoiled easily. So what you have to do is adding some racks in your room, in which you will be able to put your shoes in, and then you will protect them and also you will keep your room organized and clean.


In case you have a spacious bedroom, so think about putting a bench in front of your mirror or in front of your closet. A bench will allow you to sit and comfortably wear your shoes, also it will be very practical if you want to use it as extra storage. You can put your shoes under it and above it put your towels. In addition a bench can work also as a beautiful decoration in your bedroom just add any cute decor or vase above it and it will add a nice touch to the whole room.


As you may notice, it’s not very hard to put your clothes in order, and organize both your bedroom and closet. So just take it easy and try to follow these simple ideas and then you will save space and all your clothes will be there in front of you well organized.

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