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15 Survival Kit Essentials

If you’re the adventurous type you probably enjoy exploring the wilderness, be it by hiking, camping and other similar exciting activities. Being adventurous does not mean, however, going unprepared and reckless. Here is a guide presenting the lifesaving items one should carry around when venturing:


1- Flint & Steel Paracord Bracelet

It’s a bracelet containing a 1 inch stainless steel knife inside a 16 feet  paracord. You can use the knife with the flint-made toggle closure bar to create sparks in order to start a fire. The bracelet compact all these elements into a light easy-to-wear on the waist entity. The paracord will thus keep your supplies suspended from animal harm and the flint & steel will help keep you warm with one simple item that need not even be kept in your pack!


2- Tree Tent

Why not suspend yourself out of harm in addition to your supplies? The tree tent is designed to be suspended in between trees, using the branches, and is connected to the ground with a cord ladder. There are also modular models that can connect tree tents between them. This will offer a protection against crawling insects, snakes, and other prying animals. Sleep safe.


3- PowerTrekk

The PowerTrekk combines fuel cell and a rechargeable lithium ion battery to plug in and recharge your electronic devices such as smartphones and lamps. This will allow you to stay connected with your tech devices. Not heavy at all, you can carry it in your back without weighing it down. You can even use it at home during blackouts.


4- Personal Locator Beacon

A personal locator beacon such as the ResQLink can prove to be a real lifesaver. It is a small, pocket-sized GPS rescue beacon that uses a powerful signal, 406 MHz, and a 121.5 homing capability that can transfer your location to a global network handled by search-and-rescue satellites. Waterproof and buoyant, it also disposes of a built-in strobe light for darkness.


5-  Survival Wallet

Any good survival wallet should include a knife, preferably made of titanium, a (kevlar) cord, a signal mirror, a handcuff key, a ferro/magnesium fire flint, an arrowhead, a compass, different sized fishhooks, and magnets. Other useful items would be a floss card displaying escape tips and navigation+survival information. Fitting all these items into an about 4” to 3” wallet makes it a must-have.


6- Baro Cook

The Baro cook is an outdoor cooking equipment that only needs water and a heating pack to work effectively. Made of a stainless steel/polycarbonate container, it can cook about anything under thirty minutes, all this without any need of making a fire, making it ideal in a snow or heavy rain environment.


7- Torch

A torch such as the Goal Zero Torch produces from a 70-lumen to a 180-lumen spotlight by adjusting the power of light at will. The Goal Zero Torch can also produce red lights for emergencies. It has a hand crank and a solar panel that complements the rechargeable lithium battery. Always have a flashlight solution when exploring  the wild.


8- Lifestraw Go  

Taking water from the available natural resources available is a basic thing to do while camping or hiking. However, that water is most probably not that all clean. So better to filter before drinking it. The LifeStraw Go removes more than 99% of bacterias and parasites. You can also detach the filter and mouthpiece to clean. Fill your thirst with zero worries!


9- Telescopic Fishing Rod

This 12 foot rod comprising a 13-foot line, a 2 millimeters  nickel alloy tippet ring, a line spool, and  three hand-tied flies can be compressed down to a light and small kit. The telescopic rod makes thus a fitting, space-economical choice for the campers and hikers adept to fishing out there.


10-  inReach Explorer

This multi-task gadget is a global satellite communicator that has tracking, SOS/911, and messaging features. It can also accurately view, create, and navigate routes thanks to a built-in digital compass with a map view, a barometric altimeter, and accelerometer. Clearly a must-have.


11- Solar Joos Orange

To optimally recharge your battery-powered electronic devices,  consider the Solar Joos Orange. It is a lean solar-powered charger with adjustable legs to facilitate pointing to the sun. It can even charge while underwater.


12-  Shovel

The AceCamp folding shovel disposes of a multifunctional blade that can pick or saw which you can use for digging, hacking, cutting or clearing out a campsite. To economize space, the shovel can break down into two parts, ideal to store into a belt-worn pouch.


13- Headlamp

One of the best headlamps is the Black Diamond Icon Headlamp. Waterproof, it can put out up to 200-lumen with its quad-power LED spotlight, two single-power white LEDs and two other red ones. The latter are used for night vision as it doesn’t allow your retinas to widen. Use headlamps for climbing, spelunking and just about everything you can think of.


14- First-Aid Kit

First aid kits are compulsory for any cautious hiker. The TraumaPak for example is specialized in trauma injuries. A small, waterproof pouch, it contains a trauma pad, pair of gloves, hand wipe, duct tape, triangular bandage,conforming gauze bandage, sterile gauze dressings, QuickClot to stop bleeding, and antiseptic wipes as well as first-aid instructions. You won’t be sorry bringing it with you if you get injured.


15- Space Blanket

A basic survival tip when lost is to stay put. The 84”-by-52” Mylar Foil Blanket can preserve and reflect your body heat in case of cold weather. In addition, its material gives a metallic appearance that reflects with the sun, allowing the blanket to work as a beacon too. Light, it can  be compacted easily into your backpack.

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