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Buying Guide to Get the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are a necessity in every house. Having the vacuum cleaner will make housework much more easier for you. But with the different types and brands, you might get confused. Following this buying guide, you will know exactly what features to consider before buying your vacuum cleaner.


There are 4 types of vacuum cleaners to consider:


1) Robot vacuums:

A robot vacuum cleaner will give you all the convenience you need and deserve. Because it runs automatically, it makes it the best vacuum for you if you are busy and can’t hold the vacuum yourself and run throughout your home. The robot vacuum will also keep your house clean for longer period of times. Some of robot vacuums can even detect dirty floor, stairs and furniture. The best feature you’ll get with the robot vacuum is that, you don’t have to be home to clean your house, you can simply set your robot at a specific time, and it will run on its own.


2) Handheld vacuums:

Handheld models are light and have compact design, which makes them the perfect model for full cleaning. They can reach almost every part in your house. They are also perfect for a quick cleaning, such as cleaning pets hair.


3) Upright vacuums:

The upright vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum for carpets. No matter how big or small your carpet is, an upright will make it look almost new. This model is also great in cleaning large areas because of its increased dust capacity and wide cleaning path.


4) Barrel or cylinder vacuums:

If you have a small house, or just small places that require cleaning, then the barrel vacuum cleaner is the one for you. It has a very compact design, which makes it very flexible. It can clean stairs, hard floor and any rough difficult place easily.


Now that you know the different types of vacuum cleaners, it is time to know the difference in suction.


  • Suction: One of the most important things in the vacuum is suction. The ability to convert watts into air watts by your vacuum is what makes suction effective or not. The higher air watts gets, the more powerful suction you get.


  • Watts: The watts on a vacuum cleaner will indicate how much power is going into the appliance when it is switched on. Note: Some vacuums may have high watts but very poor suction.


  • Noise: Most if not all vacuum cleaners make some noise while cleaning. You can find some low noise options in some types of vacuums.


What is the difference between a bag model and bagless model?


Usually the bagless vacuum cleaner are more popular than the bag one, but each one has it own features.


  • Bagless: If you care about the environment, then you may want to consider a bagless model. It is also way much cheaper than the bag one. It will also make it easy for you to see when the bin is full; so you can clean it before you the suction stops.


  • Bagged: If you have allergy, then you better get a bagged vacuum cleaner. It is more hygienic, so you will not have to worry about getting sick after each cleaning. It is also great because it has filtration at several stages, which will prevent allergens to be released back into your house.


The final thing you should know is that, there are two main types of filter found in vacuum cleaners. Micro filters and HEPA filter.


  • Micro filters: You can find both washable and disposable versions. But this filter may not be a good choice if you have allergies, due to the release of dust back in the air.


  • HEPA filter: This type of filters will catch and trap even the smallest pollutants, which makes them perfect for any one with any type of dust allergy.
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