Best Tips on Planting your own Garden

It doesn’t matter what you are planning to plant, planting your own garden can be a great experience that will make you appreciate life and nature more. Whether you are trying to plant flowers, trees, veggies or fruit, you need some tips to get the best of the whole experience. If you are interested in turning your little garden into an amazing green space, then you may want to keep reading this guide.


1) Beautiful green garden for the whole year:

Lots of plants produce flowers and veggies just for a specific period of time, which means that your garden may out of business half of the time. So the best solution is to get plants that bloom during the whole year. This way you will enjoy fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers during all seasons.


2) Vegetables you can actually eat:

Lots of people get excited and start planting all kinds of vegetables, which is a mistake, because lots of people don’t eat all what they plant, which causes them to have lots of veggies that no one would eat. So while planting vegetables make sure to plant only the ones you and your family can actually consume. Another thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t plant too much veggies and end up with large boxes that no one will use. Make sure that your vegetables are enough but not too much.


3) Perennials and annuals:

If you are planting your flower garden, make sure to consider the future of your garden. Lots of annual flowers would look perfect in your garden, but you need to replant them annually. Semi- annual plants last only for two years tops. When choosing your annual and semi-annual plants make sure to also choose some perennials to add a beautiful touch to your garden.


4) You may consider a mixed garden:

The best garden is a mixed garden. You can mix your veggies with your flowers and have the ultimate garden. This method is perfect for you especially if you have a small space but you want both a flower garden and a vegetable garden. If you want to have more flowers than veggies, then plant only the basic vegetables that you actually use. If you want more vegetables than flowers, then make sure to plant flowers with outstanding colors to compliment your overall look. You may also want to plant some herbs such as basil or even pepper.


5) You may need to have a goal behind your garden:

Knowing the goal of your garden will make it easy for you to know what type of plants you need for your garden. If you like salsa and chips, then you may want to plan a salsa garden with peppers, cilantro, and tomatoes. If you are more into brew beer, then you can plan a garden with various types of hops. And if you love bees, and want to keep bees around your garden, then you can simply plant sunflowers, hollyhocks and lavender.

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