5 Easy Steps To Look Great In Just 10 Minutes

Whether you are having a last minute date, you overslept, or just remembered that one date that completely slipped your mind, you would want to look as beautiful and elegant as possible. If you are looking for easy ways to get ready fast and still look pretty, then you need these 5 easy steps in your life.


1) Easy Wardrobe Staples:

If you are on a rush you would want something easy to find and easy to put on. The best choice you may have is a cool dark jeggings with some cute sweet crop top or any nice t-shirt. This look is so nice and will go with any casual date. If you are going to some fancy event you need to put a little bit of effort but still really fast. To do so, you absolutely need to have a nice dress with a fabric that won’t wrinkle easily. This way you will save a lot of time by not having to deal with ironing or steaming. You may also want to make sure that you have a cute classic necklace that goes with everything. Jewelry make a huge difference in ones overlook, never forget that.


2) BB Cream:

Having to go out at the last minute means you don’t have much time to apply your make up with all the highlights and contour. An easy way to have a nice look is to apply BB cream or any tinted moisturizer you may have. BB cream is easy to apply, you can simply use your fingers the same way you apply your face lotion. And voila, you are ready to go.


3) Bright Lipstick:

A bright lipstick can really work a miracle. You can put your bright lipstick in less than 20 seconds. It will make your face shine and you won’t look as plain as you were. You may also take a little bit of lipstick, put it in your finger and apply it to your cheeks. This way you will have an almost natural blush. that will give you the impression you’ve spent hours on your make up.


4) Top Knot:

You are late, so of course you don’t have enough time to do your hair. The perfect way to do your hair in an easy, simple yet a very chic way, is by doing a cute top knot. A top knot is still considered an elegant style. So you may want to doing in a casual even or even a fancy one. To make sure you have the perfect top knot, you may want to consider using hair donuts. There are really cheap so you can get a bunch and just keep them ready for the rough times.


5) Big Sunglasses:

Eyeliners and eye make up will take you forever to get them perfectly. So to hide those sleepy eyes of yours, you may try to hide them with a big fancy sunglasses. Also wearing a cute sunglass will make you look fancy, elegant and beautiful. For this you will need absolutely no time whatsoever. You just need to find the one sunglasses that will look perfectly with your face and just wear them on all the time.

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