How to Take Perfect Photos of Your Kid

How to Take Perfect Photos of Your Kid

Taking ideal pictures is a skill that requires practice, patience and most importantly, the right equipments. As a parent you witness the greatest moments your kid passes through while growing up. You want to make those memories stick in your head forever, but somehow you don’t manage to do so. Taking Pictures can help you revive those feelings once you take a look at them, but most of the parents who have no experience when it comes to photography find it difficult to find the perfect picture that can meet their requirements. In this article, you will be introduced to a few tips and tricks that will contribute in making you take the picture you are looking for.

How to Take Perfect Photos of Your Kid

Equipments and Gear:


Good equipments are not that important when you want to take a good picture, you can take the picture you really desire using a normal camera if you have the skills necessary and the required amount of creativity. In other words, possessing the right pieces of equipments is more essential than having a very good and expensive gear. Why the right gear? simple, you are trying to take a picture of your kid, a person who can’t sit still until you can find the right angle, so you have to make it quick without capturing any blur or fuzziness because of the movement. You need a Camera that can snatch the picture as quick as possible without any delays.




The lense is the most important item for building the right camera, it is more important than the body, no matter how expensive they are, a good lense is very important to get an excellent picture of your kid. Usually good lense can be a 50mm 1.4 Canon or better. A lense enables you to have that blurry background effect, it can also adjust lights automatically and u can also do it manually. Stressing the importance of a good lense is to make you aware of the fact that having one of the latters will take the picture of your moving toddler once you press the button.

How to Take Perfect Photos of Your Kid


The Perfect Angle:


As much as it looks that simple, it can cause exertion. Some lenses don’t have the zooming option, so in order to get a good picture, you will have to keep moving, kneeling and leaning just for a chance to stay in line with your toddler. Camera straps can reduce the effort you make while taking pictures


Always On The Ready:


Keeping your child entertained and amused is a key to having enough time to find the perfect picture. Toddlers can turn from joyful to weepy in the span of two minutes, and once they start crying you won’t be able to pick up the activity where you left off. To avoid this situation, you should always be ready to control the damage as quickly as possible. It would also be for the best if you can quicken the process of photo shooting. Keep you camera battery at maximum power, your memory card with enough space before you start.


Creative Ideas:


Take under consideration the settings where you are taking pictures, the sunhlight and the frame. Look up ideas that can inspire you to take the perfect picture, i’m sure there are hundreds available. Take pictures of your toddler when he/she is interested in objects, when the reflections of light are upon his face, bring everything that you know he is interested in and make him act naturally, while you are having your fun.
How to Take Perfect Photos of Your Kid

Enjoy taking pictures of your toddler in various positions and different places, do not be worried about his sight of vision, or impressions of his face, just take every moment and then you can sort things out.


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