How To Get Quality Coloring Books For Your Child

Playing is never a waste of time for a child, totally the opposite, it is a creative and exciting way of learning. If a child feels obliged to learn about something, he will certainly get bored with it and drop it at the first opportunity he gets. But, if the learning process includes having fun, the child is more likely to stay alert and interested. Coloring books are a way out of many to get your child to learn and allow himself to explore his creativity. This guide will help you find out what are the best features you should look for while shopping for coloring books.



Best Coloring Book Features You Should Look For In a Coloring Book:


  • Challenging details:

Children usually enjoy challenging coloring books with many details and interesting characters, because they sparkle their imaginations and to some extent make them feel creative. Although, at first they might go out of the lines and mess up, but with time and practice, their level will evolve and they will get better at handling the crayons and paying attention to even more complicated details.


  • Favorite characters:

Getting your child a coloring book that features his best characters from his favorite cartoons, animes or video game is the best you can do while picking a coloring book. Kids love to draw and color characters they are already familiar with.


  • Coloring books that work up your child’s mind:

One of the best features you should look for in a coloring book is crossword puzzles, word search or riddles. These features will not only make your child’s mind actually work and do some thinking instead of just coloring almost absent mindedly, but it will also get him excited and motivated to achieve something, and trick him into learning without feeling obliged to.


  • Pick coloring books that are a bit educational:

A coloring book can be more than just a coloring book sometimes. It can have an educational dimension.Now, when I say educational dimension, do not get your hopes high and expect it to teach your children a great deal, after all coloring books are more about creativity and fun. But there are coloring books with themes that are able to sparkle you children’s interests about a specific subject, as such as dinosaurs or animals in general for example. So try and pick these kinds of coloring books, it will help your child’s learning progress quite a lot.


  • Get a coloring book with removable pages:

For kids, coloring is more like painting. It means a lot to them, probably as much a painting means to its drawer. They will be proud of themselves if they get the coloring done right, and will expect you to be just as proud. They will also want to show it off, by for example hanging it on their bedroom wall. Having a coloring book with removable pages will make that task easy and fun.


Some papers are easily torn by coloring crayons. Even with just a normal crayon, you child can manage to tear up the papers, because they may not be that gentle. To avoid ruining the beauty of your kid’s coloring book, pick one with high-quality paper, there are usually not easy to cut, and more smooth to touch.


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