The Top 3 Monitors For Hardcore Gamers

After the graphic card comes the monitor, gamers know that a very good monitor will contribute in making the gaming experience better and more detailed. It won’t matter if you have a Titan X or an Nvidia GTX 970 if you don’t own an HD monitor. The importance of a monitor is to assure colourful and bright image quality, it is an accessory that is responsible on making the viewing experience special. If you have a 14” monitor you will notice that gaming experience will differ from playing on a 24” monitor, I personally had to use a Samsung 14” monitor when my LG 24” broke down, I struggled so hard, while playing league of legends, the most successful MOBA game nowadays, i had to move the mouse a lot in order to see my surrounding, I’ve always died. The size as much as the quality matters when it comes to gaming monitors.


Viewsonic VX2263Smhl


We start with a screen that has the best quality in this list, the Viewsonic VX2263Smhl is a 22 inch screen that functions with a 1080p quality (Full HD). The display is small in comparison with the other monitors we will discuss in the article, the fresh rate is not a 144Hz, regardless on all these details the VX2263Smhl is best full HD monitor. The IPS panel is satisfactory, because bad IPS monitors can really be a nuisance. Monitors with this issue offer images with blurry colours whereas monitors with good IPS panel offer small pixels which make the image sharper and more clear, if you want one that has a good IPS panel and this is exactly what you are looking for. As for the price, the Viewsonic VX2263Smhl is very cheap, the price is estimated around 150$. We at searchub recommend everyone who is looking for the best monitor for gaming to buy this one, you will find it difficult to find a good monitor bigger than 22 inch without any IPS issues.


As for the overall quality, there are better monitors with good IPS panel, but most of them are expensive and only 1080p, if you wish to spend good money on an even better monitor, make sure you choose something that exceeds 1440p and 24 inch that supports 4K quality. The best options to look for in monitors like these is a good contrast with a perfect quality of the white and black, and also check for the viewing angles, make sure they reflect no light or lower the quality of the picture. Keep in mind that we are taking under consideration the price and the quality, if you want better quality, go for a AOC G2460PG just know that the price will be higher, around 500$.


Acer XB270HU


If you are just interested in a good gaming monitor, you don’t want to read about details such as IPS, refresh rate, pixel response or anything else, we got you covered, we recommend that you buy what we call the best monitor for gamers, The Acer XB270HU. We know that gamers like to know about the details of every accessory they want to buy and for those only we are going to give the information as follows: the Acer XB270HU has a resolution of 2560 x 1440, it is a 27 inch, it uses IPS panel technology, it has a refresh rate of 144Hz, a pixel response of 1ms and it supports G-sync. I hope we have provided you with a thorough idea about the monitor, if not, don’t worry we will try to explain further.


What you should know about this monitor is that it is the best for Nvidia users, Acer XB270HU and Nvidia graphic cards fit each others and they give a good G-sync quality, if you use AMD however, you will not benefit from G-sync, so be carefull before you buy anything, go for a FreeSync Monitor instead. Don’t be afraid on the survivability of your graphic card, the XB270HU is not very demanding although it is a 27 inch 1440p monitor.


As a conclusion to what we have said, the Acer XB270HU is a beast amongst gaming monitors, with all the details and features we have mentioned before, you face almost no lag, the image and display quality are the best you could find for a 27 inch screen that supports G-sync.


Asus MG279Q


After mentioning FreeSync, we thought maybe we should write about the best FreeSync gaming monitor, and for this reason we recommend the Asus MG279Q, right now it has no rival, it is strongly dominating the market, a big proportion of AMD users bought this monitor for the last years. The quality of the image is full HD, a resolution of 2560×1440 will do just fine in playing the newest and most demandant video games, the refresh rate is 144Hz and it uses IPS panel technology, the pixel response is a 6.5 ms, the monitor contains 2 HDMI ports, 1 DisplayPort and 1 Mini DP. As for the price is it is not that expensive for such a quality, a 500$ can afford you the best FreeSync Monitor ever.

If you are an Nvidia graphic card user, don’t buy the Asus MG279Q.

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