14 Items That Will Definitely Take You Back To 1990s

The 90s were such a joyful times. A lot of cool stuff were invented back then, that if you find them nowadays you would cry from happiness. If you want to go back to the spirit of the 90s, keep on reading to know 15 items that definitely highlighted that beautiful era.


1) Pogs:

Pogs were and still one of the greatest collectible items of all times. No matter how old or young you are, there are always pogs that will get your attention. There are also some really rare pogs that may cost a small fortune. So if you have any pogs around, it might get you rich. Just kidding, but you may double or even triple its price. If you don’t have any, then this is a great chance to purchase some online.


2) Gak:

This stretchy item will definitely blow your mind. It can be twisted in every possible way, you can stretch it as long as you want to, you can make a huge ballon out of it, and it is a great way to release some stress by just playing with it. The gak can also change its color just in front of you, you just need to hold it in your hands, get it a little bit warmer and voila, a new color. This has been a huge success back in the 90s, but it is still one great toy to play with even now.


3) Super Soaker 50 (the Power Drencher):

Do you remember how awesome it was to have water battles with your friends and family back in the 90s? Well the super soaker 50 surely made those times a lot of fun. It can make your dry friend all wet in simply 5 seconds or even less. You can introduce this to your kids or grandkids and let them revive your joyful memories. You can purchase one for yourself as well, enjoying oneself is never banned by age.


4) GameShark:

Do you remember all those beautiful well spent hours playing the  Nintendo 64? Yeah, great times indeed. Well, you can relive that by getting a GameShark right now. You just need to find your Nintendo 64 and get to business. The stars of Mario 64 will surely make you feel young again.


5) Warheads:

I’m pretty sure you remember how it feels to have 2 or 3 of those extremely sour hard candy warheads in your mouth. You and your friends must definitely had so much fun trying to fit all those candy in your mouth at once. Well, if you are still in touch with your buddies, you can bring back those good times and be a 5th grader all over again.


6) Tune Squad Michael Jordan Jersey:

#TuneSquad#MJ#SoDope#SoFly. Imagine all these beautiful hashtags on social media, it will surely make you feel young and cool again. You can go back in time when Mr MJ himself rock the Tune Squad, and make your friends jealous of your young spirit.


7) The entire Jock Jams collection:

If you have the awesome Jordan Jersey, then you absolutely need to have the entire jock jams collection to match your look, style and spirit. You have the right to be silly and a little bit crazy, forget about all the new boring albums and just go back and enjoy the best of high school basketball games and dance to all those awesome tunes.


8) Discman:

Forget about the mp3, mp4, ipod, or whatever kids use nowadays, go back in time and relive the best of tech. Okay, it is true that we are way ahead when it comes to tech today, but still, a discman was an amazing invention back then and it deserve a golden medal. If you still have one, then cherish it, and make sure to let your kids know its history.


9) Roller Coaster Tycoon:

If you want to relive all those amazing memories about amusement parks and video games, then there is nothing better than the roller coaster tycoon. This game should never die, and it will never die as long as we have it in our hearts.


10) Hypercolor T-Shirt:

A t-shirt that changes color with heat, how awesome is that. The hypercolor T-shirt may not be as awesome and cool as it was back in the 90s, but it surely still one great way to show how cool and fun you still are. There are also some T-shirts that changes colors when it is cold. Now you can have a T-shirt for each season.


11) Stretchable book covers:

We should always keep our textbooks clean, well organized, and looking good. Every kid deserves to have a beautiful text to show off in the classroom. These might be the invention of the 90s, but it is still one great way to keep your kids textbooks clean. These stretchable book covers can easily be cleaned, you can use a wet cloth and just wipe it, or you can even put it in your washing machine.


12) A really really expensive Very expensive Beanie Baby:

Beanie Babies are really popular with their beautiful stuffed animals. But the price of the one right here, is just unbelievable. This beanie baby will cost you $8,000. This may not be the best way to live your 90s again, but if you do have the money to get this rare toy, then it is totally worth it. If you have this one from the 90s, then this my friend might be your chance to get some money out of your old toys. I mean just imagine replacing a stuffed animal by a car. Your friends and family will surely feel jealous and envious.


13) JNCO Jeans:

JNCO jeans should have never gone out of fashion. It is true that those skinny jeans may show off the best of you, but this is no excuse of forgetting about the comfort the old baggy jeans gave us back in the 90s. You can run with your JNCO jeans, you can stretch as long as you want with your JNCO jeans and of course, you can be as free as you want with your JNCO jeans. This is the jeans-to-go-for during hot weather, it will surely get you all the fresh air your body needs, this is definitely a plus that those skinny jeans don’t have. You can show off your uniqueness and your own fashion style by having a pair of JNCO jeans and anyone who dares telling you you look ridiculous in those pants, you can simply reply by, yes i look ridiculously awesome. #BringBackBaggyJeans.


14) A copy of Windows 95:

The copy of windows 95 may be useless now, but it is surely one of the greatest inventions of the 90s. Long live windows 95. You will forever stay in our hearts. If you still have one, keep it, one day may cost a lot more than you think.

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