Top 5 Car Racing Video Games You Should Play

If you are looking for the best car racing video games to play, we got a collection for you. The best and intense video games franchises and editions are having an immense growth, the main reason of this growth is the strong competition this field of business is embracing every year. Each year different companies such as EA Sports and Rockstar Games release their products on Steam, Xbox and Playstation to the huge fan base of gamers all around the world. Without further ado we provide you with the top 5 car racing games you should play.

Gran Turismo 6


Released in 2013 For PS3 exclusively, Gran Turismo 6 is still considered one of the best racing games ever made. the quantity of cars available surpasses a thousand which is probably a world record for a car racing video game ingame contents. More astonishing than the content available in the game, GT6 is one of the most realistic driving experience in gaming. Gran Turismo 7 is set to be released in late 2016 or early 2017. As a reminder this game is exclusive for Playstation 3 only. You can watch the trailer here: Gran Turismo 6 Trailer


Forza Motorsport 5


The fifth game in the series was released in November, 2013. This game allows you to test the greatest cars in the world categorized in classes, such as McLaren in R-Class category, Mazda 787B in P-Class category and Lotus E21 in X-Class category which is the best class ingame for sport cars. Tracks and roads are also spread to various settings and different areas, and thanks to the Graphics of the XBox One that you will be able to live these settings as vividly as possible as this game is exclusive for Xbox One only. You can watch the trailer here: Forza Motorsport 5 Trailer


The Crew


Although the low ratings this game received, the hype is still around as The Crew made it to multiple gaming platforms, you can play this game on PC, PS3, Xbox One and 360, iOS and finally Android. Released in December 2014, The game set in the United states where you can race and gain reputation through the reputation system that was integrated to the game, you can also build your own gang and take over the streets. Cars as it is the matter to almost every game in this article are based on real world cars from design to brand to customizations. Climbing the rank system never fails to make a video game addictive, and this game has one of the best Ranking system there is in racing video games. You can watch the trailer here: The Crew Trailer




A big proportion of people who haven’t yet played Grand theft Auto 5 will say that this is not a car racing game, since all the previous one did not have a convincing system of racing. You would be surprised if you can see how this game introduce car racing, not only cars, bikes, planes and so much more. Grand Theft Auto V is the fifth game in the series by Rockstar games and Take 2 interactive, It is the best selling games in the history of gaming. An open world game like this takes real life hours to travel across the map, the graphics are a masterpiece, i couldn’t say this much about “the gravity system” of the game, but the environment is literally breathtaking especially in the deep sea. This game was released one year early for Xbox One and Playstation 4 before they later released if on Steam for the PC version. You can watch the trailer here: Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer.


Need For Speed Rivals

This is by far the most famous car racing video games franchise of all time. The first game in the franchise was a masterpiece in the eye of every gamer, as it was the first game that to be acknowledged as a legit car racing video game to be made. This Franchise is considered the best selling of all time. The intense feeling and the flow of adrenaline as you are being chased by the police across the city makes the game more fun, and the other way around is also enjoyable, when you are playing as a cop and chasing speed runners. Watch the trailer here : Need for speed Rivals Trailer

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