Top Five Superheroes your kid must read about


Spiderman is simply everyone’s favorite superhero for the simple reason of the matter, he helps granny’s to cross the street, he swings above citizens which lures to safety, he fights villains all the time such as Doc Ock, green Goblin or even his Mischievous enemy: VENOM, and everybody loves it when he leave the scene saying “Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”.

Besides beating up bad guy’s conscious out of them , Spider-man dealt with some very real issues concerning love, loss, responsibility, and what it means to do the right thing.


Batman is considered that superhero with no superpowers, although many fans wish to be exactly like him. He is regarded as a Master of martial art, a multi-billionaire and a known womanizer and those are the reason they call him “The Dark Knight”. Forcing the bad guys into submission with no hesitation. However, as every hero’s background story, Batman or “ Bruce Wayne ” he has lost his parents, Murdered in front of his little innocent eyes which made him follow the urge of his unfulfilled revenge. so he geared up and stormed Gotham city in order to have his personal justice to the parents destiny. One of Batman’s best incarnations was in “The Dark Knight Returns” by Frank Miller. Batman, as a character, was made more accessible to the fans by the limited series which was presented as more dark, violent and unmerciful black caped vigilante feared the most by his foes with his shiny Bat chest sign.


The Incredible Hulk

If you don’t know Hulk at all, you will probably be able to recognize him by his vicious and constant SMASHINGS and angry behaviors. Stan Lee, which is the creator of marvel world entrusted the Hulk character with the calm Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One of the main themes of The Incredible Hulk, besides “HULK SMASH”, is the double personalities of Bruce Banner, who is calmer and reasonable, and the Hulk, who is completely the opposite.


To the Incredible Hulk’s fans, they will realize that Bruce Banner has been portrayed as a kind-hearted man constantly warring with his alter ego, The Hulk, a violent and generally unstable physical and mental manifestation of Banner’s darker side which triggers different events on the story line basis with an unexpected twisted bent.


Superman is not like other heroes. He’s not only among the first, and the one who defined the genre, he’s also the best there is in the fictional world. He’s known in every part of the world as the saviour and protector of the planet not only a limited geographical entity.A part of that Superman is a quality comic book series. He’s the daddy of modern day superheroes, and his long and storied series has put in some seriously incredible story lines, the most notable being “The Death of Superman”.

Superman reflects the perfect image of a super hero, sacrificing his needs and wants for the greater purpose not mention that he’s considered the icon definition of the selfless hero.



Before the Avengers movie, Thor was not getting any recognition from the Marvel world fans and he surely did not get enough love. But now, he’s an immortal, due to his two legendary “ Thor “ movies which gave him a spot in the Avengers team. but before that Thor was way, way off the radar for all but the geekiest of comic book geeks. That’s a shame, because Thor is a satisfying read.


Thor’s story was based on Norse mythology in its every possible aspect, villains, Gods or even Allies which is pretty cool as its own, but the best part of Thor is the humor. Of course, the stories themselves are all serious, but there’s nothing that can bring a smile to your face quite like a muscle bound guy flying through the air by hovering a hammer, shouting things like, “I will smite thee, vile villain!” It’s undoubtedly awesome.

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